Could a sigil or something be put on a sales sign to give it credibility?

Could an emblem or sigil or something like that be put on a sales sign to increase its influence with people?

To build trust, or increase credibility?

I am thinking of a 'house for sale" sort of sign.
First, I am not a realtor.
Second, I would not want to influence anyone not in the market for a house to buy a house.

I am just wondering if there is some sort of symbol that would give that little extra push, even when a salesman is not there.
Also, I am not a salesman, but I do have a website I would like to make better.

I read this post about cursing a persons username or internet address. If it can be cursed, why couldn’t it be sort of blessed.

I guess the real question is. Can I use magick to make my website better.

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Yes, you could create a sigil using the Austin Osman Spare method, and place it on a sign or website to be charged by anyone who sees it. It’s actually a pretty common thing within the Chaos Magick community.


Thanks, will do some research and see if I can figure something out. or at least find some questions worth asking

So I did a little research on Spare. It took me to a Wiccan forum, which led me to this:

The problem, as I see it (I may very well be wrong), is that I need to destroy the sigil afterwards. Wouldn’t I want something to put on the website. Like a logo or something.

Should I be using something like a “be seen in a good light” sigil from Adam Blackthorne. He’s a Gallery of Magic guy and putting it on my site.

Or am I missing the point entirely

You only destroy the sigil if you are using the original method and firing it yourself. However, there are many ways to fire a sigil, so if you are sigilizing a logo then the original method does not apply.

You could get in trouble putting the Blackthorne sigil on your site because they are copyrighted and cannot be used for commercial purposes.

That’s why realtors have their fancy signs with their company logos on them.

I personally have never destroyed any of my sigils after firing them, and I’ve gotten some rather surreal results from them at times, so I’d say it definitely doesn’t make the magick fail, and many other’s report not having a difference in results by destroying the sigil or keeping it around.

From my understanding, those sigils in Adam Blackthorne’s book aren’t meant to be used like a chaos magick sigil, so you should instead craft your own to make it work.

How do I figure out the difference between Chaos (or my personal) sigils, and spirit sigils and than those sigils from Gallery of Magic.
This says that without question there are things to be aware of when using spirit sigils.

If I understood this video correctly, for the sigil to effect other people it needs to be powered by a spirit. Whereas a personal sigil would effect me but not outside people.

But I am wildly confused by all of this, so I could easily be wrong.

DarkestKnight. Thanks for the tip on the Blackthorne sigils.
Are Blackthornes powered by spirits?Or are they powered by something like “Nitika” from the Cashbook.

Spirit sigils are simply used to make contact with the spirit they belong to, then you make your request to the spirit for whatever it is that you desire. Chaos (or Spare-style sigils) don’t use spirits at all and instead the intent behind the sigil is fired into your subconscious. Adam Blackthorne expresses some confusion on how the sigils in Sigils of Power actually work, and briefly suggests it may have something to do with a ‘soul of mankind’ or something of the sort if I remember correctly.

To prevent confusion like this, I prefer to call the symbols representing spirits as seals rather than sigils. To me a sigil, is what you create out of a statement of intent a la Spare.

The sigils of the Gallery are custom made by them, combining different elements, so they fit the definition of sigils in my mind.

If you read the Blackthorne book, you would know those sigils have nothing to do with spirits. In the introduction, he flat out states: “This book does not call on angels, demons, or any spirits.”

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Ok, so I asked a similar question in another thread you responded to. So just ignore it please.

Thanks for responding