Could a non practitioner sense power?

so i was talking to an old friend of mine from freshman year of high school and he kinda just laughed and said “youve changed so much” and i said “how so” and he said “youre not weak anymore” so my question is can a on practitioner sense prowess?


Every been in the same room with a celebrity? Bumped into them into the street? Or maybe at School when you knew you were in trouble and the head teacher walks in while your in class?

That feeling of anxiety or startstruckness, the feeling of holy shit im in the room with this person or oh shit thats them. Is you sensing their power…

Another point is that when you get to know those people or after you have gotten your telling off the feeling dissipates… because it breaks an illusion. We all have power… but the power they have over you is an illusion you yourself create.

Hope this makes sense.

Stay True & Stay Awesome.


I could sense spirits and the auras of people long before I even understood what they were. I would walk into a forest and feel one, two or even three unexplained energies. I had an experience where I didn’t entirely trust a person’s aura despite the fact they claim to do no harm (Wiccan practitioner) and I turned out to be right because they didn’t respect my emotions and actually hurt me. I can sometimes even sense or “smell” the energy field a person has, usually in colors and movements.


When you know you can probably cope with anything life throws at you, either because of repeated successes in your professional field (like Asbjorn’s example of celebrities) or because you know you can use magick and command reality to ned to your will, yes, you will give off a different aura to someone who’s living in the usual human rat’s nest of neuroses, self-doubts, and minor fears.

It’s useful to be able to turn this emanation off, and also, useful to be able to boost it when doing evocation *(and some other kinds of work), in my experience.


Yes little vermin bastards know when you got the power, look at the confusion on the little shits’ faces. I’ve seen asshole’s reactions change accordingly since I been liaising with the Royalty of the infernal regions…huhughhahahaharaha


I can speak from personal experience that yes, ordinary mortals can indeed sense something “different” about you.

Just try not to let it give you a big head.

My girlfriend is still giving me shit about the time I uttered the words: “Stupid girl. Don’t you know who I am?!?” lmao

And yes, that is exactly what I said to her. lol


so how can one cloak this?

actually when i was possessed by Lucifer, people treated me like a fucking king lol

@valkarath lmao “stupid little girl” me too


Learn to wear the mask of a mortal.


@Nagathex can you contract or mask your aura? What I really mean is layer it. Like put a mysterious aura over your normal Aura. Vizualize it as white smoke covering your normal Aura. Notice I said COVERING not REPLACING. There is a subtle difference, but big results. I say covering, so you can keep your power you worked your ass off to get.
Think of the Z-Fighters(Dragon Ball Z), and how certain characters can hide their power levels.
Does this make sense?

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yea actually, thank you

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Here ya go, brother.

Don’t forget to tuck that tentacle in. It’s always a dead giveaway.


but tentacles are fun, especially when people try to flirt with me “oops did i move too fast?”. whoops! besides its better when this are… quiet.

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It is a paradox. Those who have power are humble and don’t show it. Those who have no power are arrogant, overconfident and show off.

An empty cart makes the most noise. Get what I’m saying?

People (especially females) sense confidence. Confidence is power. Two words:

Donald Trump.

His being rich has nothing to do with it. He radiates power. Like him or not, his aura is powerful. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Learn from Trump.

As a young man once said to me, “Remember, you are a legend. Be legendary.” Own your power.