Could a car have a "spirit" of its own?

Yes i know, this is weird to say. Lol. Ever since i was little i always loved cars. Ive always blamed my dad on that because he loves them and works on them and stuff. When i was little i used to believe that cars would have individual personalities and gender, like what humans have. Recently i was given my first car, which is one my mom drove when i was little and it was broke down for 10 years. It feels like as if it has an energy all its own somehow, really with all the cars we have. Would it be possible that so much energy from drivers/passengers in a car over the years would build up enough for it to create like an egregoric kind of thing about the vehicle? And no im not meaning where suddenly the vehicle drives itself and other hollywood weirdness lol.



Yes, if you love it very much it might develop a spirit. But you must take very good care of it. Think about it. It’s a very good cause.


Im not sure how to answer that but if you have been using a vehicle for years, you really build a bond between you two. You might sometimes feel bad for selling it after sometime because you had some memories with it.

most people love their cars more than humans, so yes it is possible in a way

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My tercel certainly felt as though it was ‘possessed’ of a life energy, especially after the family dubbed it our ‘Green Bean’. She had spunk and was a reliable rust bucket that kept going even after both my hubby and his mechanic friend were certain that it would keel over. You could almost feel how happy she was to be driven when we’d take her out on the gravel roads near our place.


This reminds me of Steven King and Christine the book and movie I had seen and read it years ago.



Speaking of Christine, my sister’s car on the other hand hates her guts. It’s constantly breaking down and giving her problems, even though when she gets it to the mechanic things seem to be just fine. I’ve only let her drive me around in it a few times, but the vibe the thing gave me was quite dark and angry. Some days I wonder if the car is influencing her or the other way around.


No matter how many times you try and fix a haunted possessed car nothing ever works until you finally junk it.



When you name a car, and start referring to it as a “she,” you create a sort of spirit within it,

It will actually start to work better too, especially when you speak to it softly, and cajole it. “C’mon, you can do it, baby. Start for me.”

Treating a mechanical device like this works for anything, not just cars, though most non-magical people tend to only do it with vehicles and boats, and it seems to be pretty common.


I reject the idea of a car or any inanimate object having a spirit unless you bind one to it. Loving something strongly doesn’t in my opinion give it a spirit you’re just coating your own energy into it hence why when you retroscan an object you will see all those who have come into contact with it starting mostly with those who formed some kind of deep emotion to it. I would hardly call that having a spirit.


Sounds like a classic case of sympathetic magic.


I’ve noticed that you reject most things that don’t fit into your own rather particular view so, really, your opinion doesn’t surprise me.

However, it doesn’t mean you are correct either so… :man_shrugging:

This whole idea is a pretty common one in the occult. Things just work better when imbued with spirit, and the anecdotal evidence for it is all around.

Now, whether you wan to call that spirit simply your energy, or an actual being like a servitor or a thoughtform, you are just arguing semantics because it doesn’t matter. It behaves just the same.


Of course cars have their own spirit and life

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From an animistic view, they surely do. Perhaps not always an individual spirit, but definitely an archetypal car spirit for those that don’t.


My view is built off experiences and that’s fine I wasn’t saying anything to particular surprise you so :man_shrugging:

Doesn’t necessarily mean I am incorrect either.

But also saying something is common doesn’t mean it’s true either being wrong is common but doesn’t mean much.

It’s far from semantics but by all means whatever pleases your needs you’re free to put it in your pocket for later lol. I gave my opinion on experience like you did, if that’s a problem I can share where to put that as well.


Yes. I loved my Camry. It was a family car that was passed to me by my uncle someone i loved and adored. So it meant a lot. He was also a teenager when i was young so i adopted a lot from that.

I cried for a good 2 hours when i had to say goodbye.

She kept me safe. Was reliable. A home away from home. We travelled on adventures. And i made love in that car.

So yes id say they can :heart::confounded:


Look into animism O.P.


Was just about to suggest animism or similar beliefs in which everything has a soul. For me personally I think the things we use regularly can have our energy attached to it, and that energy can be felt as a bit of a personality or Essence. Do i think a car can have a soul? Personally no, that belief isn’t for me, but it can definitely develop a personality of its own. Especially if you spend personal time driving or fixing it up a lot. It could also develop a friendly atmosphere if used to pick up friends and hang out. That’s my personal belief anyhow. In short, attachment can lead to emotional connection. The same logic applies to kids stuffed animals, for example.


Yes, absolutely. The book “Urban Primitive” goes into this in the chapter on car magick.

The car I had before my current car sure had one - and it must have been my doing, since I was the original owner. I named her Cherry Bomb after the Runaways song. She was very temperamental about music - if I put on a band she didn’t like, the stereo would skip songs or stall the CD (this even happened with brand-new discs, and only with certain bands…the stereo was always just fine when inspected). She especially did not like Green Day.

Cherry Bomb would also make a very subtle growling noise whenever I gave a ride to someone who hadn’t been in my car before. That’s right - my car was also a big steel guard dog.

When I had to sell her (she was breaking down too often), she wouldn’t spit out the CDs in the CD player and I could tell she was upset. I talked to her and explained that I loved her and we’d had a lot of good trips together, but she couldn’t handle long trips anymore and the woman who was buying her needed a safe car very badly. She spit out the CDs.


I think we tend to develop some sort of connections with most objects we use/own. Sometimes when I have a tough game, there’s a certain pair of sneakers I’ll use cause Everytime I put the on it everything goes so well, I play best with them. After a game I’d tell em like ‘We really had a good game.’ them pairs just give me a certain type of energy. I guess the same bond can apply to cars, outfits, gadgets just really anything


This totally works. My Mini is called Kitten (she told me that’s what she wanted to be called), she never fails me and she knows I will take care of her. I greet her and say thank you and bye after a journey and she greets me back clairsentiently - I’m an Animist anyway, and it’s worked for me that you can create a relationship with anything this way. Wooden furniture particularly has a very clear personality before you even try to connect.