Correlation between goetia and hinduism?

Ive seen people talk about how Kalimaa is a mask of lilith and how Shiva and Lucifer are one in the same, i just wanted to confirm the validity of these statements because after reading about the two deities they share some similaritys but not enough to say that they are different versions of eachother

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The whole idea around the concept of “masks” is to basically validate one’s beliefs by tying them to older traditions. I personally find no validity to it at all, but it seems to be something those on the LHP love to do for whatever reason.

It is generally what we here like to call UPG, or Unverified Personal Gnosis, that has no historical, or factual, evidence to back it up, though some like to talk as if it is fact.


No they are not related

I heard a rumour, that both of these entitites “inventory” or “property” would be owned by same inteligence, so basically there would be no way that they would be same being, but owned by same singular conciousness…

who knows…

kali does have alot of properties, like karma and death, for example, taking that we are talking about same “goddess” …?

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No that’s totally wrong -we hindu don’t believe in God and Devil concept .we Believe all world is a Leela( Divine play) Of supreme - Good and bad are nothing but just a Play - it is same as Buddha talk about Awakening - one you know world is just a Play - that Awakening bring Boddhichitta ( Enlightenment)

And about Shiv and Kali , we hindu believe it is one Supreme power that manifest self into two Shiva mascular and Shakti ( Parvati , kali , Durag ) Feminine power.

If you read Ancient Tantra of hindu you will find Shiva is source of Art , Music , language , Dance , Meditation, Knowledge , Mantra , Yantra , Tantra , Medicine - The Lord of everything Demi God , Human , animal , Demon all seeking his blessings …so he is not Lusifer at all - Lusifer is just immortal being but shiva is Beyond to all. Above to God , Demon , and being that’s Why we call him Mahadev - Above to God…

And about Kali ma - she is Wild , naked and aggressive that is All nature . She is Naked because she is infinite and you can’t cover the infinite. She is wearing the garland head because she cuts the Head ( Ego and ignorance) she is with Full breast because she is mother too . She has four hand in hand she kills but other her two hands she having Gesture of Compassion and mercy and as mother saying Fear not …

Kali ma is both Light and dark , Life and death - that’s why she is beyond to all …
Kali is ultimate Destroyer but we call her Ma - mother …in her other form she is loving and caring Goddess Parvati too…

So all eastern believe is different the believe of Abhramic religion - we don’t have that concept of Ultimate Good and evil’ - no …


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They are both 100% related, I don’t care what anybody says some of my most extreme experiences were from shiva and Kali which I later found out they were Lucifer and Lilith

Conner Kendall also confirms this, he posted that shiva was another name for Lucifer. Which is true the whole devil and trident thing comes from Lucifer aka Shiva.

From my experience of channeling shivas energy is that there are these demons or parts of the unconscious mind a person has to master to be a God. It was like demons forged him into a God, that’s just the energy I got from channeling him, the goetia may very well be that because from my workings in the 72 challenge, the goetia seem to represent the serpent kundalini energy, and as a whole they form satan/Lucifer. There are many ways of interpreting it, essentially the goetia and the Shem are 144.000 thousand legions of spirits/star clusters that make a super soul aka a God. You become superconscious. I have to state this as UPG because nobody on here really has the ability to prove anything. I’ll just give you my legitimate experience, you won’t find many others out there that explain it like this besides Bobby Hemmitt, this is really advanced stuff, most of the “advanced” magicians on here don’t know either or have faulty channelings, I’ve found @C.Kendall and EA really confirm a lot of the things that I share even moderators label UPG on my past posts.

Hence why it’s best to ask the spirits directly yourself, the majority of spirits do not advice anyone to rely on human intelligence, and I honestly can’t blame them for thinking that way.
The more you advance on your path, you’ll realize the only reason to talk to people is if they’ve had similar experiences, I’ve seen hard core LHP people go back to the church, so don’t take anyone’s word for it, including myself, there are too many opinions and most of them are false

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Not that Shiva was another name for Lucifer, you’re misinterpreting it Shiva is a luciferian archetype that fits into that particular system and can be attributed to the luciferian quintessence/current


The idea of masks is seen as more objective point of study. There is a pagan root of the occult that can be traced back to India that gave birth to hinduism. For instance the indian horned god Rudra and keltic horned god Cernonus are so similar. In the ancient primitive societies there were no gods but animism which shamanism developed from. Polytheism came after animism when the societies advanced so to me it make sense with the different masks of the spirits. I think the gods came as masks of the spirits in dreams.

Well from my experience they seem to share the same archetypal qualities. I’ve been working with many of his names for almost 6 years now, and it’s become very clear to me at least they are the same soul. Ancient beings like Lucifer and shiva have been around for a long time, they’ve shed their identities many times, to see the connection between them you would need to know the soul itself, a lot of those masks you posted on the forum are accurate even though there are some that are missing according to my findings, the point of my response on this post was there is most definitely a connection between Lucifer and Shiva, their archetypal qualities, symbolism and functions match a lot. Shiva and Kali also have major qlippothic currents that are similar and have been almost identical in my experience to Lucifer and Lilith. Different names or masks doesn’t really matter to me, I’ve just come to realize they are both names for the same cosmic soul.

If you really get to know the entity you’ll learn these names aren’t his oldest names, he’s older than the earth itself, but I won’t get into that because he doesn’t want to me divulge too much of that for some reason. It’s not a matter of shiva being in a Luciferian current or archetype etc. I’m simply stating they are different embodiments of the same cosmic soul. You may call that the luciferian current/quintessence but again these are just human terms created by people that started off with Lucifer, he has names that predate the name Lucifer. I’m saying the same thing just not giving it a singular spirits name to it.


Yes im hindu aswell, ive just heard of speculations such as this and i dont think in luciferianism lucifer is considered bad or the devil

Wouldnt lucifer be a hindu archetype? Hinduism predates luciferianism by a while

i do think that a lot of deities in different religions are different manifestations of shakti and shiva (the divine feminine and masculine energies), and they were interpreted differently because of cultural differences.

This is true, shiva is one of the oldest recorded names for the cosmic soul but there are others such as Lucifer. It doesn’t belong to the Luciferian current, the cosmic soul is the archetypal ideal of lucifarianism which the archetype expressed itself as Lucifer in that particular current, just as it did in Hinduism as Shiva, it’s the same soul portraying the same archetypal qualities, ideals and functions. Different traditions call the same things by different names, but in the end it is one universal truth, concepts that don’t belong to words or names, it is the Saturnian mind of humans that has a need to compartmentalize things.

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They’re not the same person. Hell, I don’t think Shiva and Lucifer have anything in common.

I think some western LHP practitioners are confused by Shiva’s epithet of “God of Destruction”. He doesn’t go around murdering things all willy-nilly, but he is (according to Hinduism) destined to destroy the universe when it becomes too full of evil. He’s more like a force of nature just doing his job rather than anything “dark” and “anti-Abrahamic”. I think certain LHP-ers saw that as “dark” and for some reason slapped that onto Lucifer, a being of freedom and solidarity of light and darkness rather than someone who works with the current world order (if that makes any sense).

Yeah, while he is very blunt with his destruction, he gets rid of what is not needed.