Correcting someone who is overly obsessed

I have a friend she’s been dating someone for 2.5 years and she’s crazy now, She texts herself every day as if she was talking to her, even though the man had blocked her even though she broke up with him.Every morning at 9 o’clock in the morning, she wears her clothes and goes to the beach and makes videos telling her man I love you very much.

Her boyfriend blocked her, she doesn’t love anymore she doesn’t want to talk to her, She’s now overly obsessed, She was such a beautiful girl, now she totally crazy, I’m afraid she’ll kill herself, He’s only 17, please man, tell me ways to save him.

well, there’s some deep seated mental problems that hasn’t been addressed. She’s also let her shadow run rampant in her life. It’s like she’s given up on controlling her pain.

Honestly the only thing that can be done to truly save her is if she decides to do some intense shadow work. You can do healing spells and shit but unless she puts in the work to fix herself nothing can truly be done.