Correct info for my Demoness? (With picture)

I have a connection to Leraje and I am most likely going to ask her to be my infernal partner. Although, I am quite curious about the legit information relating to her (so i can use the info to contact her) Which set of info in the picture is correct? There different elements, candle colors, planets, etc… Which set is correct?

All of it…and none of it.

Correspondences tend to be system specific, so choose whichever you feel best goes with whatever it is you practice.

The religion of demonolatry has a completely different set of correspondences than traditional Goetic magick, for example.


Well thats confusing lol. Though because Im not really of the religious demonolatry should I look for the Goetia info? Its kinda hard to find

Perhaps @A_Pariah can be of assistance. She works closely with Leraje, and may have some personal insight that can help.


What @DarkestKnight said:

I don’t utilize any kind of “stats”, so I can’t be of any assistance when it comes to the OPs request in that matter, I am sorry.

(Personally I don’t trust the demonolatry correspondence approach. I tried it in the very beginning of my workings with spirits in general and found that it wasn’t overly beneficial to my workings = it didn’t boost things or made them better. If you’re about to establish a personal relationship to any kind of spirit I would say that it comes with the amount of mutual experience between the spirit and the practicioner. I doubt that a spirit of any kind would agree to an interpersonal partnership because of following any kind of correspondences, etc. This is the fifth time I am trying to respond to this post, so I decided to cut my answer short, haha)


You mean the demonolatry correspondences or all of them from the picture in general? Like BWC says she likes sandalwood and jasmine and her color is violet buttttt i could have sworn violet the moon and silver are for Marquess in general while mercury and red are HERS ykwim? But I am unsure thats why i asked but thank you for your help!

If there is anything I could know about Leraje, I would LOVE to know. She is my favorite and for some reason I feel connected to her? Maybe because she was my first real encounter but in the future i would not mind undergoing a pact with her.

I have read your post about Gremory (and Dantalion, etc) when you’ve stated a similar kind of familiar feeling to the other mentioned spirits. Before you fully commit to such a thing I would give it a thought (or two). Pacts, personal relationships, etc are a serious matter and I wouldn’t indulge into such things without any kind of deeper foundation to the spirits at hand. I wish you the most of success on your path.


Oh yes I 100% agree. Leraje is the only spirit I have ever contacted and felt very comfortable with. Along with the fact that she aids the specific categories of magick I like to work with Its a plus. I also love the energy she gives me. She gives off a feminine energy (to me) that I love and I can almost smell the warrior-like aroma. I like weaponry and archery so I have a bow and arrow I can put above the altar for her. I did say I like the vibe of other spirits but I mean we all like more then One just a little bit; though Leraje would definitely be the Queen.