Cord Cutting Ritual Assistance (for others)

Does anyone know of any cord cutting rituals that i could preform for others ?

By this - I mean for 2 people that is not myself .
I need to eliminate a consistent issue . To do this I would need to cut cords of two people .
I’m only familiar with cord cutting for myself and another .

My thought is to get a photo of each person.
Tie them to 2 ends of a piece of string .
Say some kind of intention for the ritual and cut or burn the string
Whatcha think?

Or if anyone knows of anything specific or has done this for other before please comment !!

Thanks :slight_smile:

As in breaking them up? Should be plenty of those spells lying around.

Not that kind of relationship. They are relatives .

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No, I find spiritual work to be far more potent however

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This could work. You could do the same astrally, visualizing cutting the cords between their souls and chakras. Whatever you’re more comfortable with. I have done this successfully, but I don’t want to say more.


An awesome ritual for that has Orlee Stewart in her youtube channel


Feel free to DM me about it !