Cool story about Duchess Bune!

So according to Indigo Priestess On YouTube I set up an alter to Bune with her favorite things, oranges, orange oil and her sigil on tin foil. I got to know her by meditating with her for a few days. I asked her the day before yesterday to get me an extra 100 bucks tomorrow. I knew it was alot for one day, I really wasn’t expecting it to happen. (Let go of outcome).
The next day I went to work, they were having employee appreciation day with prizes. I saw there was a 50 dollar cash prize so I put all my free tickets into this drawing.
WELL later on that day they sent out the winners in email. …I did not win the 50 dollar cash…instead I won a 50 dollar gas card to Irvings…OK. This is great right! I’m so happy with this! But then I’m thinking how the fuck could I win that when I was not even in the drawing for it. It blows my mind!! Thought I would share. HAIL BUNE!!!