Conversations anyone?

Greetings! From time to time I post an offer for two magicians you and I to have a conversation. I’ve made several very great friends from on here and always looking to expand that. Generally, it’s great meeting people closest to me, I’m in Pennsylvania, however, anywhere will do. Tonight is one of those nights I’ve got some free time available and would be interested in developing some new personal friendships. I’ve got an extensive background in the occult stemming back over twenty years. Always plenty to still learn and share. So if anyone is up for it, go ahead and reply here, or PM me. If anyone would like a chat or to form a new friendship with another on the pathway of ascent you know what to do next.

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Greetings. I grew up experiencing sleep paralysis which led me to study obe’s. I ended up successfully performing my first intentional obe after two years of studying. The subsequent experiences really opened up my consciousness and thought.

I also grew up experiencing strange presense near me which led to a system of my of design. Kinda hard to simply put. I have an extensive system of analysis and can also receive extra sensory information. Perhaps you are familiar with newly acquired senses resulting from increased brain activety?

Have you ever obe’d or experienced phenomena related to increased senses?

Yes actually, and wow you are on target. I had experienced a major heart attack last summer in July and almost didn’t make it. Lately, been seeing very bright flashes of light. It’s something that just started in the last few days to week.

Hmm perhaps near you like right next to you or within arms length? I’ve experienced flashes of light before. Spheres of light that seem to swell then shrink and disappear very quickly. I experienced this phenomena during a very magickal time. The magickal currents were very strong for me then. One time I remember seeing a big red flash appear right next to me. Maybe it’s similar to what you have been experiencing?

Yes that’s true also, it’s usually a few times each day and within 3 to 5 feet distance. Very bright like words cannot explain how bright white almost golden tint as well at times. My most major recent magical workings involved beginning a relationship with King Belial. Perhaps this has something to do with this? What’s your thoughts about that possibility?

Hey brother nice to meet you. Lol where to start when talking about the Occult haha.

Hey brother, thanks for the reply. I can remember reading several of your posts since I’ve been on here… your very advanced and got lots of wisdom.

If you’re talking to me I appreciate that man! Its been crazy. Now that I made a business out of doing magick for others though i havent been able to work on myself as much. Thats kind of where I am at this point but in all I think its part of my path so I am just moving with the current.

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I think this is a good time for you to practice magick. When that experience was occurring around me I did alot of pretty serious stuff. I think it’s actually magickal energy that’s in an expansive state. Sometimes bubbles jump dimensions and burst causing strange apparitions like flashes of light or fading orbs.

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Yes that message was for you. I’m also considering doing a few business ventures based on occult work. Such as a metaphysical supply store, etc.

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I’ll be practicing tonight. You can be sure of that. I’ve got a few ritual workings lined up for later this evening.

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