I’ve read many people talkin about Like havin conversation with Demons i mean is that conversation feel real like we 're talkin to anyotherbody like in Physical World?
And how the conversation goes??

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Guess I’m one of those sad cases – I don’t see or hear shit. Nothing! When younger I saw spirits. I haven’t seen anything since the early 1990s. It’s not one on my gifts. I got over it, cause I feel ‘em. As I wasn’t gifted, apart from stupidity, sometimes I wonder what insatiable force kept me going. No good with crystal ball or black mirror either. That said, I get by.



I used to be like, is this just stuff I’m making up? I’ve had a few incidences of clairaudience, nothing recently though. I recall static when I summoned Buer many years ago, and then one time I did the star ruby, but with the pentagrams pointed down (oh yeah, that was a bit much for me at the time, I though it was real until I heard what the people were saying outside my window.) But lately spirits just seem to prefer that I call them up and then I just speak out loud directly to them, and then it is like the answers come to me, in my mind. I do see them, mostly either in tinfoil or on the textured ceiling of my room.


Don’t overly worry about it. I have worked hard to hear the little I do, for years I got results but no 1 on 1 full human like conversations or figures appearing before me.

I got results though and I feel the energy alright. Each spirit has very different energy.

I get more direct imagery and signs through very vivid dreams which are very different to ordinary ones.

When I have heard, it is like speech placed inside my head usually,although I have heard Belail a few times. Lucifer too.

My advice would be pay attention to feelings and results. Please bear in mind not every post you see is entirely factual and could be made for other reasons. Concentrate on perfecting evocation and the rest will come with work and time.


Channeling (Telepathy), ClairAudience is like getting the right high vibration to hear them in your head.
For me it depends 1 time I only feel them, the other time I hear them, sometimes when I do a long ritual I see them through my third eye.

Yes I hear Lucifer more often (but i work now 2 years with him) and I’m beginning to learn to channel him. It is like telepathy only I feel i’m channeling is when they talk really through you.

And yes some have more Clair cognizance, knowing, seeing (they get their answer this way) and others hear that voice. At first it looks like your voice, but it’s giving answers you didn’t think about yourself.

To concentrate on silence doesn’t work for me. It comes when it comes when you empty your head and when you not expect.


Concentrate on other signs too. Thoughts, numbers, dreams even feathers. And remember concentrating to much on a conversation will bring you the opposite.
You can work however on clearing your head, mediation or chakra balancing (throat, third eye) to get a better result.


Is it necessary to sense them before making demands? I always thought it was wise to at least converse and develop rapport before that. Or can one develop rapport without that immediate interaction? Is it enough to just state your intent and trust it’ll be taken care of despite seemingly talking to nobody?

Yes, the sigil gazing method or the “Etsel malakel” conjuration may be used (as well as a full summoning where the magician just welcome the entity, state the request, thanks and dismiss).

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