Conversation With Paralda



*This is my first attempt at asking five pre-written questions to a spirit after opening their sigil. It was a bit difficult to remain in a necessary state the whole time due to writing out each answer but hopefully that will get easier with experience. I literally just wrote the first things that came into my head.

*I don’t know how much of the information below is just data from my own knowledge bank or actual answers from the spirit. There were several moments more than others where it felt very automatic and real. Although I didn’t hear or overly sense the spirit I did receive a few flashes of his face during the opening which is consistent with the other times I have called upon him. It was more experienced as a dialogue in my head, however the questions were asked out aloud. It got off to a slow start but it really picked up momentum by the 3rd and 4th question. The dialogue is as follows;


Cleromancy, memory recall, sciences, abstinence, mental prowess, psychokinesis, wizardry, cartomancy, reverence, manifestation, carnal power, photographic memory, orientation, afterlife studies, severance, telepathy, clairaudience, mechanics of magic, thought power, supreme learning, artistry, cravings, casting, psychic phenomena, all manner of hypnotism, marvels of the air element, retrieval of lost items, thoughtforms.


Bananas, fruit, green vegetables, maca, cauliflower, mushrooms, basil, Ma Huang(ephedra), oranges, cardamom, red onion, avocado, caffeine, vitamin B, fish oil, omega 3, fennel, oregano, barley, coriander.


Yes, but only if you have the right attitude to life. No moaning, groaning or upset tangents will enable this. Only a clear mind without worry can facilitate it. Marry a merger of good will, abstinence, and common enthusiasm together and a force will develop giving rise to instant download of information. Apply a life philosophy. A deathist approach will damn your learning abilities.


Yes. I will help you manifest the qualities in yourself that enable a greater understanding of memory and fast absorption of information. Call it manifesting life ability to the fullest. Never give up on life but make it fall under your sway. Cause all things to revel in your presence.


Write down information as you go and never hesitate to read out aloud as this will anchor knowledge to your frontal cortex. Calm your mind and add a band around your third eye and temples to stimulate gravitational pressure for aiding memory recall. Comfort yourself in the fact that everywhere in existence there is a portal to vital information in each moment. Garner the ability to face problems head on and do memory exercises like math or algebra regularly.

Sit and focus on the third eye. RA VA NA OL SE VU is the mantra for advanced learning. Carry on your person my sigil and revoke and contemplate it often and I will reveal methods to gain super advanced knowledge. Read and pause and absorb the knowledge. Integrate knowledge on the spot. Touch your third eye, push on it and alienate stupid thoughts and separate dreams and desires from empirical knowledge.

Leave out passion from learning. It is a draft of ignorance that is as fleeting as a flock of seagulls once they have fed. Desire to know all things. Expand your interests. Laugh often but face your fears and rule them. Carry Mercury’s seal as a boost of intellectual power. You will be able to draw upon the spirits of Mercury for faster absorption of knowledge. Revel in and engrave knowledge into every cell of your body so that you are a walking encyclopaedia of meticulous information.

Share information freely. Carry a stone. Amethyst crystal. Enhance your aura with this stone of learning. Trust in yourself. The field is ever present and always you have access. Believe in super learning. You are able. You live in fear. You make the world your world and apply efficiently the knowledge you gain. Don’t dwell on disgust. Breathe, center and manifest the qualities I speak of.


That is awesome man! Well done. Sounds like a conversation with a spiritual being to me. If those are literally the first things that popped in your head then I’d say you had a pretty much uninfluenced conversation. Did you not know what any of the things he told you were before the conversation? For example, did you not know what Cardomancy or severance were before the working? If not, then that pretty much confirms it.


Actually, I just let it all come. Many of the faculties I’ve heard of but I had to google both those words you mentioned and a couple more after the session as I had no understanding of them. Severance was the one that really blew me away. Thanks for your comments, jb. :slight_smile:


Confirming the method that Paralda manifests - I’ll acknowledge that I’m not the most advanced evoker, but he comes as fairly minimal substance, even compared to other entities. I get impressions of him, but he remains very airy.


No problem, man. Like EA said, the ultimate test is when you get information you did not previously know of understand that you were able to confirm afterwards. By that simple fact alone, I’d say it was a success. Can’t wait till I’m able to do that. By the way, were you using the methods from the divination course? Just wondering.


@Redcircle, yeah, I’d agree with you, there wasn’t much to grab onto as far as a manifestation goes but one thing that has always happened when I call upon this spirit is an image/impression of his face/upper body that seems to come in from the north-west and hovers above me always on my left side in my minds eye.

@jbtaylor, that’s right, man, it’s one of the exercises from the Divination course. I think it’s a good start at least and some of the information I didn’t know and some I did. I made sure to check all the herbs, vitamins and fruits/vegetables listed in the 2nd question and found that they all are at some level associated with improved memory or brain function. Half that list was unknown to me along with several of the faculties in the 1st question.

A lot of the stuff in the 3rd question may be related to me personally and much of what was attained from the 4th and 5th questions was a real surprise and even though some of it can be seen as common sense there were a few interesting methods given that I’ll be trying out.


Thank you so much for posting this Virdon Djinn this was a very inspiring post. This is the stuff that pushes me harder to develop my evocation skills.


Hell, not only did you receive a conversation, but a very useful one at that. I appreciate you posting this, because these days, it seems like the WHOLE WORLD practically is one big magickal disinformation suit. Either Athiestic thinking disavowing ANY spirituality whatsoever or religious thinking boxing people into one paradigm. It’s awesome to read posts like this that help confirm that these things are not only possible, but within reach.