Conversation With A Spirit About Mankind's Spiritual Evolution

Conversation On Spiritual Evolution Of Man, With A Spirit.

The spirit told me to keep its name anonymous as speaking of what he tells me goes against certain oaths which entities have pledged.

Me - Spirit what is my true nature and the nature of my kind ?.

Spirit - Nothing …

Me - What do you mean nothing ?

Spirit - I mean nothing

Me - Nothing as in, we are worthless

Spirit - Yes and no, such a question doesn’t only have one answer, the complexity of it is profound

Me - So if my nature is nothing what does that mean ?.

Spirit - As you are you are nothing compared to what you really could be, when you’re born you’re something a mere spec.

Dissolve be no longer the spec be nothing

Me - Explain ?.

Spirit - The nothingness is the all, the all is the nothingness they are serperate yet one in the same

Me - That sounds slightly delusional to others though doesn’t it !

Spirit - The truth is both a delusion, for what lyes behind the illusion, is that which is the all, that all is so complex to you’re kind it manifests as ramblings of insanity

Me - So the individual must become nothing and the all simultaneously ?.

Spirit - Yes

Me - So like the void ?

Spirit - Which void ?

Me - Excuse me ?

Spirit - Which void ?

Me - The Void !

Spirit - WHICH ONE

Me - You can’t be serious there is another void

Spirit - Of course

Me - Okay how may one become such nothingness and all

Spirit - Drop mind … Let go … Know that what you see within is reality … There for close your eyes and drop mind … See reality travel through all of it … Go before the gods and demand to surpass them … Ascend beyond even the source

Once you have dissolved into all fibres of existence as a invisible blanket omnipresent force, you’ll emerge once again as a singularity the compartmentalisation of the all which is nothing … Which is you … Which is mind.


Very very interesting!

This comes across as Taoist. The void is the dao.

This could be interpreted so many different ways. Like, it could mean that there is a metaphysical void and a metaphorical one, or different ones corresponding to different mythologies, or different levels. Kind of like saying that there is more than one body of water. Some are higher, some are lower, some are unconnected to any other, some are poison, some are salt, some are pure, but ultimately they are all related because of what they are (and the precipitation cycle, but that’s stretching the metaphor a bit much).


Dao? You suuuurrreeee?

Which void? That’s a bit interesting. I suppose void isn’t erradication and nonexistence. I still tend to believe beings fear utter erasure of their ever existing. And I believe that goes for source as well.

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Makes sense to me.

The same way a penny on heads is a penny.
A penny on tails is the same penny. So is tails vs heads different? No only because the observer is observing the detail(heads or tails) and not the penny. They are the same penny.

Light and dark
Birth and rebirth
Fission and fusion

All aspects of the same coin. Look past details and let them go, see all for what it is. Different aspects of the same energy, the same source.