Controlling Massively Negative Energy

Hi everybody,

I recently did a very effective ‘baneful’ type ritual utilizing several spirits including 1 from EA’s book on the matter.

I also utilized a sigil from the black pullet.

Long story short, I am keeping a fetish around my place and it is covered in sigils. The moment the ritual was completed I could feel the negativity in this thing.

Strange things are happening around my place at this point, and I have already seen some desired results take effect. The only problem is, I have created a very powerful link here by calling in 4 entities and utilizing another technique described by Crowley and I don’t want it to get out of hand.

What would you guys recommend in order to keep my place clear and to ensure I can live without trouble? I notice that I’m tired as fuck around my place since the ritual, except directly after banishings, where my energy skyrockets. Lol. So …one thing I’m doing is a lot of banishing! (Out of curiosity, do you think that lessens the effect on the target?)

Long story short I’m loving it, but yea, wanna keep this responsible. What would you guys do?

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Without knowing a few details it’s kind of hard to say. You’ve made a fetish item or physical link to ground the work to the material world but we don’t know the method employed, were the spirits invited into or bound to the object, what spirits were used were they confirmed and if they’ll conflict with each other and what kind of strange activity you’re having?

I find this especially interesting as I’m planning on making some spirit pots in the near future using Frater RO’s method outlined in Modern Goetic Grimoire, his blog has some updates anout his spirit pot work if you’d like to check there for some info or insight.

I look forward to seeing where this thread goes.

In psionics there’s a type of kinesis called Umbrakinesis, that is about manipulating darker forces and negative energy. I know that Koetting mentions about psionics in his Baneful Magic, I just dont know how in depth he does that, nor if he explain about this ability, nevertheless, you can find more on it around the web.

Personally, I dont like to employ a force or a spirit that I cant dominate nor deal with their influence in myself, so if something backfires I can hold the grip on the situation.

It remind me of a $13 dollrs book,which work whit devils,etc,and elementales,which ya create a blood to create a devil,or pay him,and anoter blood spirt just to check them,tey are not get out of ya hands,did ya use bloid to activate the sigils,? I have learned tat ya create& reforce, refirce ya will\ and surreands,in case it outgrow its purpose,perhaps. Describe method I,book,or seals,tat way may ya be a little safe