Controlling emotion: Becoming angry

Forgive me if this is out of place, I categorize this as being relevant to baneful magic.

First off I’ll establish the usefulness of this. Many magical teqniques that are baneful require anger, now usually if you desire to use these spells, you are already angry. However I’ve found sometimes this is not the case… As a sufferer of PTSD it may be a problem only I encounter, but sometimes people like me lack capability for emotion. This is problematic. I have been vexing a target for awhile, trying again and again, not only do I have the PTSD problem, but my anger is dwindling, my will is still sure I desire his demise. my emotion does not reciprocate. I imagine control in conjuring emotion could be a useful skill. Whether it be anger, or any other emotion, but I can find no instruction or thought into developing emotional control beyond the silly new age pansy “finding happiness” crap. There is nothing on conjuring what people think are negative emotions. I wouldn’t be posting here if I had found anything on that, and I don’t think I’m alone in the desire for control of the full spectrum of emotions.

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As someone who also carries the diagnosis of PTSD, I find emotions also hard to control or even feel most times. Anger usually is the only one I can feel though, so I suppose I can’t relate to that one.

However, something I’ve been working with is when I do feel an emotion, I try to create an “NLP anchor” so that I’m able to bring it back to myself when needed. Since I’ve only been researching this for a short time and working with it even shorter, I can’t say that it works amazingly, but so far it’s worked better than nothing. Hope that helps in some way.

Can you base it on fear? I did some baneful working to protect my career from someone who was trying to butt in, and felt no actual anger, just a sense of alarm that she might make gains at my expense - I felt I was in the right, I don’t know if that was relevent but I’m mentioning it just in case.

It worked, but I’d rather not give too many details.

Do any movies or music have an effect on your emotions, as well? I find watching action movies always makes me feel energised, while there’s some music that makes me sad, so if there’s a news story or type of event (cruelty to children, some kind of social issue) that can make you feel anger, you could try using that to trigger the mood.

Finally and more on the magickal side of things, according to some teachings, the chakra at the base of spine and those below the spine are related to the more base emotions, and the chakra at the thighs relates to anger, so you could try meditations and energising exercises based on them to stimulate anger, though I suspect you might need to undertake with extreme care because of your PTSD, and get some guidance from divination before proceeding - you don’t want to be harmed by this yourself.

More info here, scroll down about halfway to Lesson 292, “Seven Centers of Instinctiveness”: Merging With Siva: Chakras.

By the way, I’ve done successful healing work on people before using that system of chakras below the base of spine, and that’s why I’m proposing it, it’s not just theoretical waffle.

You might want to read NAOS from the ONA, which can be found as a pdf online for free, it contains a chapter on frenzy magic. Instead of focusing on emotions, one focuses on physical exertion to raise the necessary energy.

Very good suggestions everyone, thank you.

NLP I have heard is quite powerful it’s deffinetly worth trying. Mostly the emotion I feel is anger too, it’s just I’m going through the lack of emotion portion of PTSD currently.

That’s good to know about the chakras. I’m not sure fear will be ideal situation either, it’s harder for me to feel that, although perhaps there can be a self defensive magical attribute it can conjure, but admittedly I’m not exactly defending myself, more of a vengeful thing.

That’s some good recommended reading it may just hold the key, thanks for including where I can find it as well, I appreciate it.

Reverse engineer the new agey crap.
Also learning the connections between energy and emotion increases ones capacity for emotional states. I would list some exercises but I am on my phone.