Controlling dreams

Within the agreements that I have with Belial, I have agreed in exchange for service to bring non believers into the occult and to help bring Belial into this world by means of conversion of ones beliefs. One of my best friends is beginning to open up. As you all may or may not have experienced, when the world of magick enters your subconscious, the mundane world will begin to slap you in the face with irony, explainable events, and massive amounts of signs pointing to learn. So my buddy is very scientific minded and wants me to manifest something by not telling him what it is, and making him know it was me. What better then a dream about myself. So, I want to control his dream. I know telepathy is one form. I have done a sigil + Moon ritual. However, I want to know if any of you have any entities that can assist in this. Please let me know.


If you want to go the lovecraftian route, Cthulhu.

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Lilith can help you with this as well as her children


Could make a servitor and send it to him

Eh, I’d find his energy-body in the astral and start doing weird shit around him when he’s asleep. I’ve found that the dream planes and the astral planes are basically different levels of the same thing, through practical experimentation with another person.

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Dress like them talk like them walk like them. Mimic everything they do in as much detail as you can. Then you meditate on what you want them to dream about. THe more detail you put into being them the better. Also invoke morpheus. Just make sure you describe the dream you sent to him first, after you’ve sent it.

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So you have accomplished this?

Maybe? I’ve once encountered the dream of my girlfriend and was able to insert myself into it to a degree.

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Update: I did it. :slight_smile:


So your friend described the dream and it was spot on!? :slight_smile:

I did not make the dream specific because I didnt wasnt to make the dream difficult to manifest. My Statement of Intent was Eric XXXX dreams of me and told me about it.

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Good shit! What method did you use?

I just wrote this success story to the guy whose programs I used to manifest this. So I am just going to copy and paste it.

"My good friend Eric is a very scientific minded person but has peaked in interest in the Occult. However he said that he just wanted a bit of confirmation that this stuff actually works. So we did a study (as he wanted to call it) which would have me do some type of spell work to manifest into his life, but he would not know what it was. In a way, this was difficult because I had to pick something that would would not be looked past, but loud enough that he would actually tell me about it. So after days of thinking, I decided that I would try to make him have a dream of me, since he would likely tell me about it.

On the day of the Moon on the hour of Mercury, I called upon the Moon to aid me in my magick like your course says to. I used everything you said on how to do it. I typically am more of an evocation guy, but I want to do more magick myself, so I turned to planetary magick. I called upon the moon, and created a sigil that was stated as, Eric dreams of me and tells me about it. The sigil was precharged, I called upon the moon, charged the sigil, and burn the sigil. I had 1 white candle and 1 black candle to symbolize in between the worlds like you said as well. Once the ritual was over, I let the candles burn out, and in the morning before work I took the ashes and called upon the air elements to send my message swiftly and threw the ashes into the air when a gust of wind took it.

This is where it gets interesting. My buddy Eric has been getting sick very often for years, and I told him with his permission, I would like to do some healing magick for him. So I contacted an occult buddy of mine to see if he would aid. Without telling me he did a ritual before I did to send healing energy to Eric. I told Eric what he had done, and I told him to be aware, if he slept or sleeps funny that evening or the coming days, it is normal when magick is done to the individual. He said to me, interesting because I had the craziest dreams last night. I responded, was I in it? He said wow actually you were, oh wow I am remembering so much, I had whole longggg dream about you.

And there it was.

I think I created a link between him and my buddy, where my buddies magick reinforced my magick, and the manifestation came to be. "


That’s awesome! And I like your method too !

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