Controlling a bid on ebay

Should I use a demon like Zagan or Bael to make people go pass an phone i placed a bid for on eBay ? It’s a very expensive phone I on placed a $30 bid and I don’t want anyone to place one higher than me

You can visualise shields all around the listing that cause people to get distracted (think how easy that is when online) and also imprint ugly faces into the photos.

I did that a couple of times recently, got my shiny thing. :+1:


visualize while doing what ?

Nothing, you just open the page and do it. :smiley:

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are you sure ? I’ve day dreamed about things like that and nothing happened

Works for me, try it with focus and remember this is like doing pushups, you don’t start out doing 100 archer pushups, you do 3 or 4 regular and your arms shake like fuck and your form sucks.

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What did you do to the pics ? How did you draw people away from it ?

and is it realy better than asking for help

How much is the phone worth?

It’s a galaxy s8+ they are selling it for $280 and I am the highest bidder at $30

I’m also the highest bidder for two iphone 7+'s and and iphone 8

What is the attraction to owning that many new phones?


I could resell them . But I really only want one

You still owe $3k and have a warrant out?


I owe over 3k but I took care of the warrant, I just have to pay

Never bid until the last minute. You put it on your watch list and enable alerts. Consider: you are the highest bidder. To out bid you the price goes up, to respond you bid more. But, if you were just watching instead, the price would still be what it was before you made your bid. In the last 1 minute to 30 seconds you then make the bid for whatever the next highest is. Also, the more people bidding on an item, the more attention is drawn to it as per Ebay logarithms, which is exactly what you are trying to avoid. A good suggestion for your final bid is to set it one or two bid margins higher than is current. That way, when the back and forth happens on the final seconds, you buy a few seconds to shut other people out.

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Yeah I wait until the last minute .