Contradictory readings outcome

How it is, that two readers can give you two answers from the two extreme ends?
Last time I took four reading upon one topic, each one in week-time pause.

The results were (numbers means readers).

  1. It will happen. Also there is XXX in the back. Bad cards.
  2. It will not happen, however, there is big chance that it will happen. Confirmed XXX. Bad cards, but one good confirming the not happening of outcome.
  3. It will happen. Confirmed the hell power of XXX. Bad cards, double confirming the outcome.
  4. It will not happen. Mentioned the XXX as something not important at all. Only good cards.

By good / bad I mean the meaning of them.

Hence my question is, how do you think this is possible, that on the same outcome you can get so different result from a readings? Is it often happening to you to get so different answers? I will also add, that I asked different question each time, but each time asking about the final result from an action.
How to understand that such things happen? What to think about it? Did I took reading too often and the reading forces took a joke from me?

EDIT: the reading were bought from 4 readers. In each case saying YES or NO, the cards were very strong in showing the direction I got, so that’s even more funny.

This happens. I dont know, or care, why it happens.

It is my opinion that you should only do one reading on a matter, if you need more info expand on that reading then and there.

There is no point obsessively reading on the same subject over and over, it shows that you dont have faith in the first answer, or you didnt get the answer you wanted so you read again. This makes a mockery of divination, if you dont trust the cards they will show you similar disregard.

And the outcome is that now you doubt.

I can not over emphasise the importance of building a trusting relationship with your oracle of choice, once you start doubting and testing and doubting and testing you are on a slipery slope and your divination accuracy will suffer.

Interestingly even if Alpha Scorpii says this, i have got sometimes the same result from several different readings :smiley:

I don’t consider it mockery, but more like exploration of different methods and their working, but i guess that was allowed for me because of being novice with readings - and i do understand that it would be just more appropriate to trust your first reading of choice. Also i wonder do the online readings really work like “facade” because i have feeling that sometimes they do give you legit answer, but sometimes not - idk why wouldn’t it work thought, if it follows the same principles - but for some reason i trust an actual reader more, and scrying i would trust even more than that - would be nice if i succeeded myself in it.

How far apart were your readings?
I believe in the butterfly effect which means one minute detail from you or anyone else’s actions can change the future.

Do a reading on your situation. Do the work on it whether it be majickally,physically,or both then a day or two later read on it again.

The future our fates/dharma change by the minute if not by the second.

Just follow your readings and by each change in fate do the work to change it to your liking.


I personally also really believe that all readers are not as honest/skilled as some others, the most accurate reading should be accurate. Otherwise what help are the readings if you think “well the future could have changed now, i don’t know if my reading still counts” i guess we should just pick something we trust, then trust in it - and see it come true. Future is of course shady business, as it is not here to see yet… But the readings shall give us the most probable outcome by the resources we have on our hands.

The keys to our plans…

OK let’s say you plan to go out to lunch with a good friend of yours.
You do a reading to see out the outting will be and it looks good.

However, after the reading you find out that your supposed best friend has been fucking your bf/gf.

Now you go to lunch and stab your friend in the neck with a butter knife.
It depends on what you already know and feel about the future that influences your reasingings IMO.

If i knew for so sure that the evening is going well i wouldn’t do the reading :open_mouth: anyways that takes all the point of doing readings if it doesn’t save your from such surprises then what is it good for? also that would only be about readings you do yourself - but i have got the same results from different readers for my question, which proves that they actually can give you good advice and readings are not pointless.

Thanks guys, however it’s funny blackflame, that I got a two answers from - one on very strong yes and other on strong no. Funny :smiley:

But I know everything can change within a day as well.

Well either the yes or no is wrong answer XD or what if both are right?

UPG alert - I was told that the first reading is most accurate, the rest give out like a law of diminishing returns on accuracy, like making a photocopy of a photocopy (or probably more accurate) like keep re-saving a smallish jpg - the more often you repeat that, the more faults (like compression artefacts) start to creep in.

This makes sense if the nature of reality is a multiverse instead of one kind of thing ticking away like a clockwork mechanism along set tracks, and “along” linear “time.”

If you let go of the idea you’re an object made of mass, IN solid impermeable space that travels THROUGH time, that makes more sense than if you hold onto the incorrect view that space is solid and unchanging, whilst time “flows” us along like a river or conveyor belt.

I posted some stuff about this before, Block World concept, and included some links in that post to sites explaining where theoretical physics is at right now in understanding spacetime.