Contracted spirits

Hello I am Kade.

I wanted to share an experience i had when i was first starting out.
I had moved in with my “mormon” roommate who claimed to be haunted. I was already working with king paimon at this time.
For the first few months lights would turn off and noises could be heard. I remember commenting on “our neighbors upstairs are loud as fuck” and my roommate said “we are the top floor”.
One night a yellow aura like a fog came into my room and formed into the sillouhette of a person. I saw orbs where a spine would be
It kneeled next to my gf and it touched her hip. She moaned in her sleep so i knew it was real. Then i saw its head turn towards me and it realized i could see it.
It just stared and then in a whoosh it was gone.

I eventually got a oujia board and i have a video of it ill post.
The session began with us literally shaking from how cold it got and then the planchette moved to the skull. I did not recognize these vibes, i do believe it was not the yellow sillhouette.
I asked what the hell it wants from me and it said L E V E
It then spelled Camamba and cabalaka.

We had people witness this as well.
Eventually we tried to say goodbye and it just sat there so we just stood up . then a cup full of used hookah coal flew off the table into the wall. This thing was like 10 lbs.

We apologized and said goodbye again. This time it returned the guesture.

The next day my things were thrown off the table. Only my things.

My girl and roommate both were haunted. It could possess him and it even said things he couldnt remember to me. Hed say things like “xxxxx didnt like that you got that board.” I also had other friends and his girl come to me scared saying " x froze and said ‘i am @@@@@ yesterday’"

Eventually he moved and i moved home too.
The weirdest part of this to me was that the being never hurt me and claimed i was protected. Yet my girlfriend had gotten attacked(burn marks on face that took days to fade) and my roommate would always wake with scratches and bruises.

I was never touched i needed to know why.
Im posting this because i found my answer.
He was not a demon as he claimed. He was just a very old and powerful spirit. I even found references to him in the bible. I know who it is but out of respect i will keep his name to myself.

Not all guardians, guides, or beings you meet are demonic/godly/angelic or whatever you think. It is important to know that many companions are evolved human souls with human tendencies and human agendas.

Keep yourself cautious of who you are working with but be open to working with beings who are not quite gods. Even spirits can be companions. Apparently this particular one has “protected” his family as they offer a first born(always comes out a still born) of each generation.

Just wanted to share

Will upload the vid later. I didnt get rhe really juicy stuff but theres definitely stuff going on with the camera in it. Internet too shittt at work to upload it now