Contract sign

Hello everyone, I’m asking you, how do you sign your contact with a demon?

In my mind I start the ritual with one printed copy of the contract, and do a ritual evocation. At the right moment I sign it myself (in a way I feel powerful) but what about the demons signiture?

Also since it’s not an easy sigil and due to my artistic skills, it would take me 15-20 min to draw it and I don’t know whether that would look amateurish in the demons eye, like just imagine you do a serious business contract and your partner sits 15 minute on the paper signing it.

My other idea is to print a nature copy of the contract (just the text and the places to sign but both without signed) and print a version with a demons sigil printed into his signature place, and then start the ritual with the sign less version, and then when it would come to the demon to sign, I swap the paper to the pre printed sign one, and I sign myself that.

If there is a better way to do this, share with me please

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The signature of Lucifuge Rofocale should be on it. You can use the Smarthone, Computer, Tablet or if you have it in paper trace it on the window. The same with the sigil of the chosen demon. You need than maybe a minute there are more rules but most important is that the Statement is clear and the terms too

Lucifuge Rofocale’s signature looks like that but in Internet are surely better quality pics

I don’t really understand why you put this here, I asked about the petition sign method.

Also I would never ever put something on a contract that I’m not 100% familiar with :slight_smile:

Oh cool! the Lord of the pacts Lucifuge is important. About the method: a handwritten paper not a printed version. But hey the society evolved and it’s a different reality to the one back then :sweat_smile:

I have signed a contract once in my life and that was with Lucifer 5 years ago. I always draw the spirits sigil by myself because it gets more personal & special than just printing out a perfect drawn sigil. I signed by blood and I never thought about how he should sign for himself, mostly because it didn’t hit my thoughts and then of course I trusted him. I never go for a pact or sign anything without trusting a spirit, so I didn’t worry and I still wouldn’t. It went perfectly fine as expected. My artistic skills aren’t the best either because of how impatient I can be, especially when it’s about drawing circles. I use a black pen, it feels better than using normal ink or pencils. Anyways, I don’t believe that the sigil needs to be 100% perfect, once I made a perfectly ugly sigil but it worked as it should, I wouldn’t worry about that if I were you.