Continuing my education

So, this year, thanks to Bune, I managed to get my MSC. Like, I managed to finish everything on time and I was the first in my class to graduate. Thanks fam, I love you <3

Anyway, I was thinking of continuing m education. I am not looking into phd right now, I’d prefer to change my job first. What I am looking into is Harvard Business School. The online 17 week courses seem to be pretty inexpensive and I think I could manage classes at 7pm my time.

Since most of you guys are from the US of A I was hoping if you could tell me whether it’s worth getting a certificate from HBS or not. I imagine some of you might have attended these online classes? Are they difficult? Any feedback helps, I am trying to get as many opinions as I can before I decide to go for it (or not). I can handle the expenses, I might not be able to handle the courses if they’re too intense. Thanks!


i also want to try harvard