Contemplating a large scale project for divination of cosmic

Here’s my plan:

Focus on a cosmic or big level question or multitude of questions and divine it into a large canvas or canvas’ with paint, like a book that needs decoding.

I tried this method with these two paints and they are like freaken books still revealing information and changing.

I thought if this can decode someone’s life it should be able to decode the universe Right? Well that’s the hope.

What I am asking for is people interested in helping me out. Helping with what questions are worthy, colors, getting deamonic input, advice on how to lay the paint, and divination.

If anyone says I can do all this myself, then you are right but I won’t share it if that’s the outcome.

Here’s an example of my thought: have you seen Supernatural with the demon and Angel tablets that are host to a wealth of knowledge and spells? Right, that’s the idea I am going for here, but like in the show will need help deciphering it.

Yes, I’m crazy.


“How can we overcome our limitations?”

Blue, Black, and Green.

I would say red, yellow, black and green as well that’s the colors I see when I have visions

edit : like @MKUltraMadeMeDoIt said, blue too!

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Instead use it to guess lady eve’s age and weight. It will be fun. :joy::joy::joy: (no disrespect to lady eva, love her to death).

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“When is the end of days”

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@Lady_Eva time to bring some whoop ass… LOL


Aight but y’all can contribute colors and questions but you realise by doing this you must also take part in divination of it. Not to mention this will take time to procure… unless I did multiple 12x16 canvas’.

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You know what. I decided y’all are crazy and will be taking a hermit like approach to this and ask the spirits about a whole new world of magick undiscovered.

Good fortunes to y’all

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