Contacting without senses developed?

Awhile back I was making progress then stopped but question whether or not working with gods/deities/entities without my senses developed will make a hindrance in contacting a said entity? I picked back up my Draconian ritual tome and low behold I feel like Asmodues is reaching out to me. Backstory on why I feel this way is because last night I watched a tarot (pure entertainment but it resonated with me) and I picked a pile with Asmodues and then did a tarot of my own and a card stumped me with, celebrate with your new acquaintances. Which later to find out I never knew Asmodues is mentioned in the draconian tome. I know I have alot of work ahead of me but doubt myself on working with really anyone due to my senses not being developed. Would love to hear others opinions in this. Thank you!


Well im someone with basically no real magick experience who might not know what he is talking about buuuuuuuuuuuuuut maybe you could write petition spells to your chosen spirits with requests and thanks in advance.

You might even write a request to a spirit for being possessed and see if that helps your senses develop. But again im technically a newbie and i dunno. Im interested in everyones response to this.


Well I did a invocation for Asmodues and had a enn for him going while having some offerings. Also used blood in charging his sigil, I felt a slight increase in energy and the energy around me but nothing crazy so we’ll see. Oh and possession is definitely on the table but yeah will see!


Okay i might be getting a little off topic but how cool would it be to develop a new skill or learn something new just by spending a long time possessed by a spirit who has that knowledge and skill?

Okay so say the spirit possessing you is great at video games but you are not sooooo this spirit uses your body to play video games for you until that develops the muscle memory in your body.

Now for absorbing free knowledge from possession,when you learn anything,it physically makes a change in your brain as in neuron connections. Well when you are possessed,the spirit is using your brain as well as your whole body right? So by getting possessed by a spirit who knows something you don’t,that might trigger the creation of new brain connections therefore giving you free access to that knowledge and skip the whole learning process.

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I am beginner in magic as well and Asmodeus also made himself available to guide me as I learn my magical practice.

What he tells me of my connection with him is interesting to say the least… I invoked him under last December’s new moon solar eclipse as he instructed me to (he gave me about a month to prepare). I wanted verification that he was indeed Asmodeus.
Same as you, Wumbats, the invocation wasn’t overly intense. I wasn’t sure if I had succeeded… however, roughly a week after the invocation the connection with him got much stronger.

Because I am a newbie please take my verification with a grain of salt.
But I happen to ask the entity I know as Asmodeus if he was indeed reaching out to you. He said, “I am, yes.” He also said that your invocation did work.

And like I said, take it with a grain of salt please. :pray:
I’m still learning to trust my intuition. :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol that’d totally be awesome and i hear you there! But also possession should be taken in with a huge trust factor because you never know if it is the spirit you called for or a impostor. Though i always express me will that any spirits that come unwelcomed must leave i’d still make sure you trust the spirit :slight_smile: this is very uncommon of me to do though so i hope it work as well lol.


Thats really good to hear :slight_smile: and just because your a newbie doesn’t mean you should ever discredit yourself! When i first first started i just went with it and started with the morrigan and i did a ritual for her and i felt such a huge spike of energy and her hands on my shoulders but that was the only super noticeable difference in my work. Then i just stopped -.- idk why but yeah and none i feel ive worst my senses due to falling back into bad habits… the life of a addict i tell u lol but i’ve gotten alot better. But i feel i suck at things now lol when it comes to spiritual work but I am very glad to hear you’ve reached out to Asmodues and had indeed has reached out to me and the invocation did work :). though i do feel stupid for never thinking of the moon phases :confused:

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Thank you for the kind words it means a lot to me. :white_heart:

I know what you mean about having regrets when you step out of your spiritual life.
I stepped off my spiritual path for over a decade.
It sucks to think of the time lost but I’m trying to trust in how things are unfolding.
I am still processing how our inherent divinity, perspective and powers shape our reality… Nothing has to be wasted unless we deem it so…

Asmodeus has meant the world to me. He shook me out of a coffin, per say. I didn’t realize how much fear of embracing my spiritual path branched out to other fears until I was just binded by fear.
He’s been teaching me to have a lust for life again.

I hope you gain a lot from working with him too. :blush:

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If there is a way, I wouldn’t recommend it. It puts you at greater risk of being attacked by an imposter.

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Interesting but also what do you mean? I am a bit confused unless its on the possession part then i totally understand that.

That’s very insightful! I’ve definitely lost the lust for life thats for sure but it sounds Asmodues can help me in so many ways i can’t even fathom at the moment. One of my many issues is balancing everything and i hope i can get that down sooner then later. off topic but wild how demons get such a bad name but can bring so much positivity into your life!

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They can drain your energy and bring misfortune to name a few.


on the possession or invocation part? After i’ve did the invocation and spoke my intent i haven’t noticed anything around that is out of the ordinary energy wise. I have my haunted doll and The Morrigan around unless i’ve upset her which is very possible but then Asmodues.


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awesome the way you said it, bringing back the lust for life

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