Contacting Thoth? Shamash?

As a beginner in the occult and recent participant in EA’s Mastering Evocation course, I was wanting to possibly choose him (Thoth) as a teacher of magick altogether: divination, clairvoyance, clairaudience, evocation, soul travel, etc. Has anyway here been able to work out a pact with him? If so, from your experience, what was/is the most efficient way to directly contact him.

I also saw a video on EA’s channel Titled “Are Azazel and Thoth the Same”. He speaks about an certain session where he and an associate summon both Azazel and Utu. I was fascinated by this account of direct contact and would like to meet this sun god “utu”. Has anyone here contacted this being before? How so?

Soul travel to his realm, or evocation into an image, are the primary ways I’ve worked with Thoth and are the ones I found most useful.

Soul travel allows you to enter an environment where he has access to archetypal imagery and objects of power, and for that reason I found it to be the most immersive learning environment.

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Damn. I’m just starting in lucid dreaming. If sigils are a bit irrelevant to a god that old, are there any other images for direct contact like an astral gateway? How would Image evoking work?

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Evokation is just calling upon energetic forms…where Emotion is Energy…so what you do is “Commune” with said spirit and get a feel and understanding of its nature where you are emotionally imprinted with its energy. When you do this you will begin to form your own symbols as a result of a Relationship with it. It doesnt actually have to be mystical symbols…but rather it is a SYMBOLIC ASSOCIATION of a great many things… Which will be pictures, objects, people interactions, Experiences (Past/Present/Future), words, writing, sounds and Full Sensory which will all be what is called a Hyper-Symbol (aka Hyper Sigil) to you…hence it will essentially all togethor IN RELATION be a Gestalt Construct (both tangible amd intangible simultaneously) which you can Construe as a Hyper-Sigil of ART. The subconscious Mind Primarily understands and communicates in Symbols…hence Art being a Symbol.

So you really choose things that best symbolizenthe experience in your own mind. If you do this in an organized way this is called your own Alphabet of Desire. If you understand everyone elses symbols amd choose and work with symbols that relate to theirs…this is called going from a Personal to a Tactical to a Strategick Magick level…depending on how far you progress.

Biosynth’s addressed the magickal side there - from a technical point of view, the Egyptians valued uniformity in their art and had set canons for displaying figures that didn’t really deviate over several millenia (which fascinates my OCD tendencies) - because of that, I believe they would have enjoyed the idea of being able to replicate an image perfectly through printing it out, and so probably finding a drawing of Thoth such as the one at the top of his Wikipedia page, and printing that out, would be a good start:

Maybe you could later trace that and do the same image in your own handiwork, but I see no contradiction or problem inherent in using this because they really did like their art to be as conformist as possible.

Another thing:

When you understand things on a symbolic level more and create your own Hyper-Sigil…there is a value to the technique of understanding and creating your own Hyper-Sigil. Amidst all TRADITKONAL Religions, Culture, politics, magick you will likewise bave Counter Cultures… Which in this case can be thought of as as the evil or Dark Side of Traditional Cultures…where some of these may even be Buddhism or something that seems to be outside of the Norm.

What you do here to operate at the Highest Levels requires an Educated Mind and allot of Creativity. So what you do is create a Hyper-Sigil out of all of this, but evolved from it. The Hyper-Sigil is the best of All-Worlds from both ends or 3 ends or however you see it. You can see everything as being merely chaos where you can then do chaos magick by first creating a Hyper-Sigil.

However Chaos Magick in my own field of experience is more like the initial “Awakening” of the Dragon Adept where he sees a mass swirling of many patterns which seems like chaos but underlying it all are many ordered patterns. Thus, the Evolionary Stage is what I call the Anti-Chaotic Stage or rather True Order out of Chaos…which once again requires ones ability to see and understand. Hence I am doing my own New World Order Magick (my own NWO). What one does is investigate more deeply the patter. Underlying all Religion and Cultures, then you apply a specific technique which acts as a form of DOMINANCE where your new Hyper-Sigil is derived from this…the SuperImposing of Dominance upon the Pattern creates what I call a Filter so that energetically you are magicking your own experience from a Pattern of New Creation…aka your own creation. Because of this… One can use the Power of Opposites and Equals…i.e… Within the 3 Main Abrahamic Religions one has 3 poles of power amongst them all. The first two most recognizable are Satanic and Christlike Variants, and the 3rd are likewise those traveling the line path like say a Monk on a Non-Traditional road…where this makes most satanist as being “showed up” as they were never truky rebelling…the 3rd path one could also call then Disillusioned Satanists…but there are other labels for then as well. In the Power of Equals and Opposites one could essentially create a HyperSigil empowered by the Power of 9 as one as 3 (Abrahamic Religions) x 3 (Poles of Power) = 9.

If done right, then one is never truly rebelling, where ones Sigil and Magick becomes as an entity that could Truly Walk Amongst all the Worlds of Existence to flow Harmoniously. When you do magick you create synchronicities… Where in this entire World everykne are following synchronistic Lifepaths of Magickal Experiences which flow into and feed each other. So understanding the 3 Poles of Power is Applicable in this respect to understanding how peoples magicks flowing in an entire System harmoniously flow (Thesis), Disharmoniously Flow (Anti-Thesis), and Flow to New Creation of Unbeaten Path (Synthesis). Knowing how thisbworks in collusion with Symbolic Art in ones own Sigils and Magickal Operations makes a big difference.

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Would it be possible to call him by name into a solid vessel as a form of idolatry in the same way EA did with Ningizzida and the stone. But while studying the video, I couldn’t really identify the core essentials of calling such ancient being by name as he did. He seemed to be using the four kings of the elements and invoked the being by command.

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Yes, the gods were represented by statues in their own Temples and I believe this amounts to the same thing as the statue being an evocation base.

If you’re going to do that, I’d personally advise using a statue of Thoth, you can probably pick on up pretty cheap on Ebay or somewhere.

The Egyptian deities were always represented in a specific way, there was afaik no tradition of using natural objects or abstract shapes to represent them (unlike, for example, Hinduism), and it shows respect at the start to use a traditional representation.

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[quote=“XxMxX, post:1, topic:6926”]As a beginner in the occult and recent participant in EA’s Mastering Evocation course, I was wanting to possibly choose him (Thoth) as a teacher of magick altogether: divination, clairvoyance, clairaudience, evocation, soul travel, etc. Has anyway here been able to work out a pact with him? If so, from your experience, what was/is the most efficient way to directly contact him.

I also saw a video on EA’s channel Titled “Are Azazel and Thoth the Same”. He speaks about an certain session where he and an associate summon both Azazel and Utu. I was fascinated by this account of direct contact and would like to meet this sun god “utu”. Has anyone here contacted this being before? How so?[/quote]
People oftern mistake Thoth for being like the other gods but what people forget is that Thoth is a primordial deity that came into existence on his own accord, he is not just the representation of the operations of the intellect but also the very operation of consciousness it’s self, such as the very act of taking in information and the processing of information. there are no beings that have consciousness without him. He is the essence of awareness it’s self and he is a strange creature. He is known to enter your life in bizzare ways you may hear him speak to you through the radio in some random announcers voice, or on TV through the news anchor or even in a conversation of some passers by. Thoth you may ask him a question and he may answer you a day or two later in the ramblings of a homeless man on the street. You have to be aware of him because he does not reveal himself to those who are not meant for him at that time in spiritual evolution. He will demand that you use your intellect and awareness to decipher his messages. After you have learned his energy you can invoke him but this is a bonding energy your force and essence bonds with him permanently. You better be damned sure it’s what you want. There is no going back you will be opened up to perceiving certain things you might have wished you had not known, Not that ignorance is bliss but the truth can hurt sometimes. Once you get in his program you have to see it as entering into mystery school you have to be a neophyte, and study your monographs but your monographes are also puzzles and scavenger hunts . He will deliver information in random and synchronistic ways. Then you have to seek out the answers, in your existence. Like the primordial mother of the chaotic void he has no sigil you can meditate on because his energy is encompassing all information in the universe even the very thoughts and consciousness of all the other gods, entities and even us humans. The worst part is, if you are not getting the message or you are not noticing it, he will begin to mess with your life until you finally see it. Say for instance work is getting in the way of you learning something, he will see to it that you get fired from your job, and from his perspective you learning the valuable lesson is more important than the rent. He keeps you on your toes. But another interesting thing is that he will also do the opposite if needed. I never thought I would be paying the rent as a writer, but once I got to work it was on. So you see you may have a career change to a line of work that is more inline with his energy and attributes. You have to kind of ride the waves of probability like a pro surfer. If you are truly going to walk the path of Thoth then you need to study alchemy and get ready to be homeless a few times because YES! It is that serious. E.A. probably knows what I’m talking about. It is also much more about personal evolution and has less to do with thaumaturgy. If you are so inclined you could join mystery schools like the rosicrucian order or the scottish rite. if you are just trying to get information on how to do magick I would try E.A, Koetting. I agree with lady Eva you need to break a piece of the entity off into an idol like a statue or something and not invoke it full out. Evoke Him into an Idol and communicate that way. The Ancient Egyptians never did anything half assed so that representation of the god form is total and absolute. or just use another form of that godform from another tradition that is a representation of only a few aspects of that conscious energy stream and not the whole thing. Like the Celtic Mathonwy that might limit the energy force to the topics of magick and healing arts.

I really wanted to make contact not only for learning magick in general. I want to find out the source of existence and how to utilize the principles of alchemy (thinking of contacting Bael for that) to achieve complete transmutation of the self, both physically and spiritually. . .
(I don’t want to be a simple little Earthling anymore. LOL)

Thanks. This really helped. From your text, I’d assume you’ve worked with him?

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It’s a lifestyle.

XxMxX from what you say you want to learn I would contact the 9 demonic kings. They can and will teach you all. At this time I myself am working with them and what I am learning is the illusion of the reality and how planes are all linked into the infernal. The source of existence you could say the infernal kingdom maybe but I’m not sure. But I do know seeking it and calling the kings of the infernal to stand at the gates gives the magi understanding and a strong hold over his existence

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Aren’t the words “Infernal” and “Hell” just encryption terms for “Astral” that early grimoires would use for relating the closeness of that plane to the Earth. Aren’t the “Infernal kingdoms” actually powerful “astral Kingdoms”, or am I missing something?

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The infernal kingdom is the core, all the other planes are birthed from the infernal. This is why the demonic kings reside within this kingdom

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So if the infernal is the core of all existence, how would a system like the Qabalah fall into that universe. Are all the spheres an individual part of the Infernal Kingdom? Or is it devoid of any real system besides the demonic hierarchy and the Seven planes of existence as listed in EA’s Soul Travel Course?

What about beings from the Necronomicon that are said to have originated from outside this whole universal reality altogether?

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This is a very interesting thread!

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hi can you please share with the people what you have got knowlege about universe n our reality Please i am very intersted in knowing n getting knowlge abt hw this universe came into existance n was created and who is the true god of this univrse?

I conducted research about Thoth and read some of his literary work of his. Then I decided to perform a simple evocation with in a normal setup on a Friday night, I felt a huge presence embodying my aura. I performed the same evocation on my computer screen sitting on my chair, i felt the presence again.

After that I had a felt pressure on the top of my head for days after a week or so I had a dream of an entity that I called Lord Thoth seeing him in a ruined old Egyptian Temple asking me to choose between, wizard and sorcerer then he said i must study the water elemental force and let me.

It was great but I don’t know how to contact him because my initial goal was to learn clairvoyance, clear-audience, divination and astral travel with him.

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Congrats for your experience.

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