Contacting spirits that don't want to work with you

So does anyone know how long can you contact a demon or whatever before you realize they want nothing to deal with you? I know some spirits from what I heard will just not come to see how long are you willing to contact them then come is that true?

I’d say fairly true it’s like a test or just they don’t want to work with you or are just busy at the time you call it verys

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Some won’t show, others will merely state it with you directly from my experience. The reasoning obviously differs from spirit to spirit, but it never hurts to be vocal and pose the question as to why and find a resolution/consensus- that is if you can get in contact with them.

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So far, it’s never happened to me that an entity I’ve never spoken to before doesn’t communicate on some level. But daemons are pretty upfront ime.
Not forgetting that entities like those in the Goetia want to talk, and just need to be approached well.

My personal approach, outside of Pathworking the Goetia and Shemhamphorah, is to let them come to me. I’m not one to reach out much. Especially not to gods, who are the ones most likely to do this imo.

If the connection is ok but they don’t communicate, assuming you know they’re not talking, not just that you can’t hear, well, me I’m not going to nag someone that doesn’t want to talk. That’s like having them hang up on you… why would you call back?

If they came to me later, then that’s fine, I’m not mad, I’ve just got more self respect than to act like a child begging for attention.

It’s not a “test” to ignore you, they have plenty other ways to tell you what they need to see from you if they’re interested, and Id avoid game players as they are most likely just useless parasites or impostors.
A dollop of self respect will protect you from that kind of Negative entity.

If your intuition tells you they just didn’t hear you, that’s different… That’s more like getting an email bounce, the connection never got through … Go back to your energy cultivation and get stronger and/or try a differnt ritual or put more energy into it to get the connection working.

That is why so many traditions have this idea of an intermediary spirit or spirits, that is, another spirit who can introduce you to the spirit you wish to contact. It is just like with people, you get someone you already know to introduce you to the person who you wish to know.
That said you may still find the relationship to be a waste of your time, and you should still do some divination on it first.

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Okay. What if im contacting Belial or Hekate? Do you know what all why’s they communicate?

don’t be immature baby. It’s like a relationship with people. you go around making effort to connect . Not everyone will connect. Not everyone will want you to be in their lives. Even if the person is your soulmate friend/lover it still might not work out due to immaturity of one side. No matter the effort , sometimes it just don’t work out. Time to move on. Next! There are many many other demons, spirits and angels that can work with you. Why be stubborn to one?

@wisepup Well no. I’m not like desperately trying to contact them. If they don’t want to work with me then I’m fine with that, I’ll just movie on. My question was would it normally be a test with some spirits that’s all.

if it’s a test, they wouldn’t be direct in saying i dont’ want to work with u. and how do u know they aren’t there? Not everyone’s 6th senses are heighten. They may be telling you stuff but you can’t hear cuz your on a different frequency vibration.

I’ve yet to get any direct contact with any demon/angels i casted spell to help me. don’t mean they not helping. i do not need interaction with them as if they are in my living room like many here needs.

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I’d do a divination - use a pendulum or a coin and ask yes-no questions.

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Belial is a member of the Ancient Covenant working to help humans ascend. He will come.
Hekate, I don’t know what her agenda is.
Just be nice, be firm, be yourself and be honest.

If you go to a party do you also assume no one there will talk to you? It’s sort of what the party is for, so go ahead and mingle.


I heard pendulums are pretty good so I might get one.

you really don’t have to buy one, a shoelace/headphones/some random cable/some kind of weight on a string will do :smile: and also consecrating it helps tremendously - here’s a link for some info:

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i used unconsecrated coins for some time but after a while they gave different answers to the same question, so a few days ago i consecrated a random necklace i got as a gift and it works really well

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Oh wow. Thanks! So does that mean I can use a drilled quarter and a shoelace to go with it?


Yep! Just for better accuracy consecrate it.


yeah, what @anon33099313 said :grin: sometimes spirits don’t tell the truth or some tricksters want to fuck with your divination, consecrating it help with these things


Gotcha! Thank you!:+1:


The only one that has made contact would probably be GAAP. he came into my dreams like a comic card with fire surrounding him with name gaap at bottom. Other than that, i got no other direct communication. Can’t be more direct than that when you have a name spell out to you in your dreams like a collector’s comic card item. lol . Too bad the card didn’t turn to the backside cuz often their powers is describe on the backside. This is in the 80’s when comic cards were hip. This dream happen when i was exploring many demons on how to curse someone as well as wanting to learn astral project and lucid dreaming. I should attempt to ask frequent help from gaap more often cuz of that dream but i haven’t been active with that demon. I was using all the other demons for cursing. haha. however, i did get a pendant of gaap as a respectful gesture for that dream. That’s how you respect them if they send you signs of them. =o) did not expect that direct sign from dream.

So he’s one of the demon i put aside as an ally if i need his help. most likely need is consecration skills and astral projection as well as lucid dream. The other one is to cause hate or love between people. haha.

Certain demons are more likely to work with you if your certain sign. For example, i’m an aries. and these demons are aries too. Bael,Halphas,Malphas, Phenex, and Vassago would work well with aries people. So what’s your sign and find out which demon is your sign.