Contacting spirits at certain times

Is it important to contact the various spirits at a certain part of the day and certain hour and if so, is there a list of the different times to call the various spirits?

Or does it not matter which time you try to contact them?


Your impersonal consciousness is the only true power in your reality. Everything else is negotiable at the very least. However, correspondences in ritual are very powerful tools that aid shifts in consciousness because they allow seemingly “alien” perspectives to integrate with the everyday structure of consciousness that loves symbols and correspondences. So, although sticking to astrological timing is not essential it can often be very helpful.


It is only important if you are working within a system of magick that emphasises it.

The traditional grimoire systems, for example, place great importance on evoking spirits only at certain times, and break the list of spirits down into “day demons” and “night demons.”

Planetary magick takes into account astrological influences, and the “planetary days and hours.”

It is very much something that is wholly dependant upon the magick system being used.


As DarkestKnight stated, Planetary Magic is the only one which relies on the time.