Contacting Julius Caesar

Hello all,
I had this idea of calling up Julius Caesar to help me strategically defeat some enemies. Any suggestions or precautions you can offer ?

I am a natural born necromancer so simply reading on him and saying his nene is enough to summon him without a sigil.


Make sure to get the real man not an egregore I guess is the only issue when consorting with very famous deceased people. Please let us know how it goes as well, seems interesting. :+1:

  Thanks for your answer. 
  1. Why would you avoid the egregore?
  2. Any suggestions to avoid the egregore…besides getting a goetic demon, a god of death like Anubis or maybe Santa Muerte to ensure they fetch the right person?
  3. How would you defferinciate an egrsgore from the real deal?

Thanks :pray:

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  1. Because it’s not real, it’s the inaccurate perceptions of random people and will not provide the real man’s wifsdom.

  2. Yeah try those, also find a bust of him and use that as a focal point.

  3. Ask a spirit you trust.


Tell me, what are your thoughts. I think I’ve made contact. What do you feel with this sigil

A sword with 2 laurel leaves on either side,

Im getting this broken Latin « Barbaro indium » which means barbaric language.
So English is difficult to comprehend. He says « rubicon traverse » so I crossed the rubicon and then « conqui gaulis » conquered the Gauls. He then gives 2 dates if 47 and 48 bc.

Another spirit seems to spark claiming to be a servant of him called selvisius.

Let me know your thoughts about the sigils. And your general feeling.

I may write a formal letter and have it translated into Latin and then burn it to alchemically transform it.

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