Contacting dead pets?

Believe it or not, even though I’ve always had animals, I haven’t done this before.

One of my precious kitties died yesterday. He wasn’t doing well at the end and I want to check up on him.

I will offer some catnip to Bast, but any other suggestions?


I’m sorry for your loss and have been there.

Hecate unexpectedly reunited me with a pet I lost when I was away from home. She had become sick (terminally) and I couldn’t bring myself to make her wait in pain so I could say goodbye a few months later. Consequently, this left a hole that hadn’t seemed to heal fully.

Hecate came to me and as soon as I felt my cat’s spirit, I recognized it immediately and I finally got to say goodbye properly. I’d talk to her about it.


Im sorry for your loss I just lost a beloved baby bunny my self…so I know what you both are going through


I am sorry for your loss.

Baset is a great approach. Any pschopump could be as well. I would also explore journeying, as I have had success with that. If you had an object the kitten liked still, it could help to serve as a link. I personally lost a family dog who continues to be a family guardian. I keep his leash on my family altar.


This was a senior cat (he was a baby when I got him, but he grew up). His toys and kitty furniture were all shared with my other cat, so I still have everything, but he had a couple of special favorites.


That would work in my opinion

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I’ve never done journeying before - would you mind pointing me in the right direction? (Search function isn’t narrowing it down much.)

I’ve communicated with dead (and in one case dying) humans while dreaming, so I’m hopeful that it will work.

Try coming out of your body and when once out call your pet by name. If your pet has any connection with you / your house it should come.

Sure. Take a look at core shamanism, as it is hard to talk about the method while it is out of context. Basically, it is a form of soul travel that is induced by trance (often involving music such as drums). You are basically traveling to the Axis Mundai (the center point where this world meets with the others, usually in the form of a tree across multiple mythologies). From there, I went to the lower world to meet the dead, which I say as an opening in the roots.

I believe there are underworld meditations that takes this concept into a pagan setting and should work as well.


I have both my dead pets ashes on my altar along with a clipping of their fur and collars to keep a constant connection.


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In the days following my sweet kitty’s death, my other cat kept staring at something I couldn’t see. She also suddenly refused to use the litter box she’d always shared with her brother, and I had to put a new box in a different bathroom.

Then last night I had a very strange dream. Burlesque star Dita von Teese lost her cat Aleister two days ago (like my kitty, Aleister was elderly). I dreamt that Aleister led me to the afterlife (which looks a lot like the kitchen where my kitty was born) and my kitty was there! He was young again (and fat again - he got skinny as he aged but he used to be a BIG boy) and he was so happy to see me! I held him in my arms and I just lost it. I was still crying when I woke up.

Fast forward to a couple of hours ago.

I have a stuffed tiger cub that’s about the size of a half-grown cat. It has closed eyes and is positioned like it’s sleeping. When my kitty hit the 18-pound mark, I couldn’t pick him up without hurting myself (I’ve had back injuries). He found other ways to cuddle with me, but when I missed being able to pick him up, I’d pick up the stuffed tiger and cuddle with it. My other cat isn’t a cuddler, so I’ve been cuddling with the tiger again whenever I miss my little guy.

A couple of hours ago, I stepped out of the shower and the stuffed tiger was lying on its back (my kitty liked to spread out on his back), next to my pillow (he often slept right next to my head).

That is NOT where I left it. I had left the tiger a few feet away, positioned on its stomach.

Well, what else could I do? I gave the tiger a belly rub and told my kitty that if he could hear me, I missed him and loved him.

And I could swear I heard his distinctive purr. It was much fainter than when he was alive, but it was there.


That is so sweet! :heart_eyes:

I miss the kitties who once shared my life terribly sometimes, and your post brought a tear. Thank you for sharing.


I’m very sorry about your cat. I lost mine in December and still struggling to deal with it. I have dreamt of her several times and I feel she is still around.

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Me too @DarkestKnight. I’ve had quite a few cats over the years, but the one who died a few months ago was very special, and different from all the rest. I had her for 18 years and feel like she taught me so much, and was a very highly evolved soul. I miss her every day but I am comforted that I still feel her presence around at times.

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