Contacting dantalion ( did I do it right?)

So I attempted to contact Dantalion. Facing north in my room is difficult to do for I don’t have any room to really create an alter. I did try however. The only space I could find while in a place to relax in on my tv stand, which doesn’t leave a lot of room. I listened to his enn while staring at his sigil that I drew along with my petition on the back of the paper. I Focused and saw the sigil have a glow around it. Offered him roses while burning jasmine incense and a purple candle and promise to draw a picture for him once my petition comes to pass and asked for clear signs if he’d accept my offer. I don’t know if I felt anything or if he heard me (let’s assume so).
As I’ve read, meditation is where I need work so even tho I’ll end the day with listening to his enn til I fall asleep, is what I did with the offerings enough for him to still have heard me and will still help? Any suggestions with this?

When you can’t face the right direction, another one might do: instead of north the “generic” east… or decide yourself where they are, for example assuming that the door of a room is at south.
The spirits always hear, about that particular operation try convincing yourself that it was properly done, is “sealed” and will work. This may help with the need about forgetting.

Did I do the other stuff right?

you did it correctly Dantalion is a bit quiet try and be more forward like act as if he’s already there and tell him Karnage said hi :slight_smile:

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Dantalion already knows and understands this. The genuine effort that you put in to do the ritual is enough for him.

He heard your petition. Dantalion is a quiet one sometimes, so even if you ask him for a sign, you might not get it, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t hear you and isn’t working on your petition. Given everything you described, it looks like you did everything to the best of your ability, and should look forward to seeing some good movement.

Good luck, I know this is very trying for you. :cherry_blossom:


Also it would be possible to analize whether rose and jasmine correspond to Dantalion’s planet(s), and maybe they do, while the color of a candle’s wax is important but only to a certain extent… But indeed, yeah: you’ve seen the sigil glowing, that’s a sign of success :slight_smile:

In the meantime. IF I meditate with his enn and sigil. It’s not gonna annoy him to still try to establish contact right?

I would think it would help. Personally, I talk to Marquise Orias quite a bit, even when not “formally calling on him” and/or asking him for something. In fact, communicating with/talking to them ( even mentally, as well as thinking of them ) is a good thing : it’s a sign to the spirit that you don’t just come to them and talk to/think of them when you want something, that you truly desire a good relationship/bond/connection with them and want to continue to work with them ( they don’t want to be forgotten, I personally believe they gain energy and strength when we think of them in a respectful/adoring/favorable manner. Why do you think Jehovah wants people to think he’s the only god? It’s because he wants people to concentrate only on him, thus stealing energy, via thought and contact/communication, from other gods and extra dimensional beings like daemons, hoping people will forget about them and concentrate on him [basically spiritual assassination of the beings] ). It also reassures the daemon that you don’t plan to “use and dump” after you get what you want. If you feel drawn to him, think of him and mentally talk to him often, keep the lines of communication open. I have reminded Marquise Orias, Crown Prince Lucifer, King Paimon, Grand Duke Dantalion, and others that they are welcome with me anytime and asked them to please always be on my side as I will always be on theirs