Contacting a spirit

I recently got a psychic reading from someone and during the reading found that the spirit she was talking to was my grandmother.

I was wondering if there was anyone who could help me in contacting her as her passing was very rough on our family. ( we are forced to live in america [by my father but won’t go into to much detail] and she lived in belguim so the last time we saw her was a year before her passing/ due to the situation created with my father we all had a strong emotional connection to my grandmother) We were veryclose to her especially my mom who took the passing extremely hard.

I do have some questions for her, and any hope of seeing her would be tremendous.

Would there be any tips on how I may contact her or is there anyone that can help me in contacting her for some answers and to tell her we love her <3

Thank you

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I gotcha :slightly_smiling_face:

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THANK YOU so very much .
<3 <3 <3

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