Contacted in my dreams



hello everyone,

I have some questions about contacting Lucifer and Azazel…

I have been wanting to change my life and become someone i have always wanted to be in life…
When i was at a loss of what i could do, i had a dream that till this day, i don’t know which entity of the two it was…

In the dream they let me see exactly what i wanted to become, and then told me they were my father (i still don’t know who it was, or what they meant by that)… the only thing i could think of is that i might be their ‘spiritual child’ and have been a student of them in a previous life… but i’m stil not sure if that’s right, or which one of them said it…

then ( a few weeks later) i got a second dream … where i yet again was showed exactly what i wanted to become… and this entity made a deal with me in this dream …
He told me that he would help me and give me what i wanted, if i reached one of my goals on my own first ( to show him how serious i was and show him my devotion to this).
Is this possible? was this dream real and is this deal real ? ( i had a sensation that this entity was azazel) in the dream i accepted the deal and he did to… but when i tried to contact him ( by summoning and what not) i never received an answer …

then my last dream about this (about a week ago)
I had again a dream of exactly what i want to be, but then i suddenly was standing on the stairs in my house…
i looked over and saw lucifers sigil right in front of me … and when i looked next to me, he was sitting on the stairs and telling me he could help me get what i want … but he asked sex in return ( i kind of think thats weird, and i don’t know if that is even possible …) but before i could say yes or no, i woke up again…

now my questions are … are these dreams real? and are they contacting me ?
if so, why am i not able to get into contact with them ?..
These dreams seem to have been the only contact i have gotten…
(i do see the numbers 20 and 21 everywhere i go, but i havent found any real connections to this yet ).
And how do i work with these 2 entities together, to reach that goal they where showing me ?..

can you guys please help me with this? I have read a lot of posts on here about people who have successfully reached the entities they wanted to talk to, and i hope you can help me get into contact with them too :slight_smile:


The visions or dreams are your response for rituals asking for success and prescience. The Deity sending these dreams has identified himself and what you must do to succeed, work hard with your own determination. When you conduct your next ritual ask for a specific sign if he is willing to accede to your castings or requests.


so you do think that the dreams were real? :slight_smile:
i will work on the part i needed to accomplish for the deal … but i have already tried asking for signs if they are willing to come through with their part of the deal… and i haven’t seen any signs yet …


I am not sure if this was Lucifer. The visions seem valid, were any colors visualized in any of the visions? What Deity did you call too?

The messages indicate he wants you to arrive at your own answers in understanding self exploration and what you really want to become.

The second message about sex seems mischievous and misleading, perhaps to see if you are serious about achieving your goals and working hard to obtain them.


This is very interesting, I also met Lucifer in my dreams. I’d been dreaming of this entity for a long time, since I was a child practically. I never knew who he was but I always enjoyed the dreams I had with his visits. As I got older sex definitely became a theme, but often it felt like the sex was a half forgotten memory from a time we spend together in a past life and he was reminding me of what we shared. Recently he revealed himself to me as Lucifer which is when I found this forum while searching for answers. At the end of the day I decided that performing an evocation (calling the entity to me but not within me) would be the best way to determine who I was dealing with. I did two banishing and protection rituals to prepare, I was worried I had the wrong entity like you. At the end of the day it turned out it was Lucifer and he’d been waiting a long time for me to get off my ass and make contact. Maybe try that? But please perform the banishing and protection rituals first to be sure that you don’t have a parasitic entity appear and try trick you and steal your energy. Call Lucifer and call Azazel on two separate evocations and see which entity feels right to you. You’ll know just by the feel as it’s very similar to how they feel in the dream. Also,this might seem crude but I’ve heard that Azazel has a thorny cock… Maybe ask about that? Lucifer always appears to me as a devastatingly handsome stranger, he takes a new face each time but I always know it’s him by the feel. You can look into lucid dreaming and inducing it. For evocations, to help encourage the entity to visit and make contact do some research, find out what they like, for example Lucifer likes red roses, violin music, Cinnamon, sandalwood and red wine. (there are more things) it helped me create a strong connection. Ive also decided to learn tarot cards and pendulum to help with communication when he visits. I’m also busy working on my chakras and third eye to make myself more perceptive. I hope this helps. If you want to read more in depth about how I evoked Lucifer just look on my profile, it’s all there. I hope you find who you are looking for :heart:


could you maybe send me a PM? :slight_smile:
i have some further questions about this subject