Contact with Paralda and Sastan

So since I’ve been having trouble with sigil majick so much I decided to try a new aproach.Last night I took the sigils of Paralda and Sastan into my temple,but instead of sitting in a lit room I turned the light of and lit a single black candle infront of me on the floor.I sat in my UC and began gazing.For the first time I saw a sigil flash disapear and reapear.I opened Paralda’s sigil first and called to him to let me see the world through his eyes.I no more made the request that after a short body spasm my hands began to float in the air,and I sort of received some impressions of Paralda telling me he was there to help me with my vision.After basking in the extasy I was feeling for a moment and when my arms “deflated” I turned to Sastan’s sigil and successfully opened it as well.I asked for his assistance and started chanting for him to come.I had a scying mirror in front of me to gaze at while I chanted.The weird thing was that out of no where my voice started to take on a hissing sound.Before I knew it words began to flow from my mouth saying I was Sastan and the call has been heard.As the words flowed Sastan spoke to me about the nature of reality through my own voice.He then gave me some instructions and exercises he said to do for the next 4 days.Then all the sudden it was over.I told Sastan to leave but at the same time I didn’t want him to.The feeling of the whole experience was so amazing I didn’t want it to end.But as I felt the presence leave me I walked out of my temple and as soon as I did the whole thing felt like a dream.I am still questioning if it was real or my mind playing tricks.

I would love to hear some input about this or any simular experiences.
Thanks for reading.

If I have any input on this it is to say stop doubting yourself and seeking reassurance from others that it was real.

I know it was real everytime my mind goes back to thinking about the experience it’s just as soon as it was over and I left my temple it felt like a dream.Sonething that had happened to me just 2 minutes ago felt like it was in the distant past.It was quite strange.

Being in that mind state will make the experience dream like when you think back on it. That’s why its crucial to write your experiences during or immediately following the ritual. Sounds like you had a legit experience, keep it up and keep record!

Your experience sounds similar to invocations that I have done, or heard of from other magicians. Good job sounds like you made it Musta! Speaking from experience with Sastan you are in the hands of a good teacher. For a few days after working with him I noticed spirits all over the place. It faded with time, but it felt like I was walking around in the T/G sync.

Keep it up!

Thanks for all he encouragement guys! I agree about Sastan being a good mentor.The way he spoke to me it felt almost like parental advice.I wasn’t exactly prepared to record the experience because everything up to this point has just felt like practice.This time as soon as the sigil flashed I knew something was going to be different.I’m definently keeping my journal on me next time! I remember the exercises since they were pretty basic.He said basically to just call him and be ready to receive.Paralda seemed to be there as a supporter,and him coming into me was as if to verify to me that this was all very real.He proved his point for sure! I’m going to call Sastan tonight so I’ll keep posting results.