Contact me spell?

I’m looking for something similar to one posted a year ago, but for her to contact me verbally. No technology or anything, just a tried and proven method to get her to open up a conversation with exactly what I want to say. I prefer mental techniques, because there is no elaborate setup but it obtains great results.


Have you done visualisations?

Only for magick in general. Why?

I meant visualisation in which she is contacting you.

Because I have tried visualise a text coming from a person and it came ALWAYS


I don’t know how far to push it.

Did you try mirror magic,? Did she knw how to conctact you,?

I have never used mirrors in my magick before. Yes. We go to the same school.

Ok, get a mirror, her picture, .be facing mirror, make sure mortor is new, now use tape to hold it u knw clear tape like school. Or pist office, noe u picture be in back mirror, also taped so wen she stuck to mirtor, pass the mirror she woll see u. And will tink to contact you. But u gota say 49 times things like wen she see a mirtor will tnk of u. U get the idea but say 49 times, then clothed mirtor, in a new cloth save, buries or whatever u ferl like it


Wen chanting u wish u left hand be on u Heart

Mortor and mirtor… English isn’t your first language is it?

I understand though.

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No its not. But i gess u gwt the mean of it.

Does this work if they block you

This doesn’t work for me, my target is stubborn af