Contact me on stubborn target

I don’t want this person back as such but I need to heal something that happened between us and as yet they have not reached out and appear to want no contact - which is not what I want but I would be okay with if only they would have one conversation with me. I think perhaps the problem is that I haven’t detatched enough from the outcome but if anyone has any good contact me spells… I’ve had success in the past with magick but I haven’t really tried it on this person and from a natural pov they are capable of holding a grudge forever.

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You could try:

Fourth Pentacle of Venus
Of great power, this forces any person the owner desires to come to him or her.
It is of great power, since it compels the Spirits of Venus to obey, and to force on the instant any person thou wishest to come unto thee.

This may not make them love you but it will bring them back. I have used it successfully many times.

You may also want to add a honey jar to the mix to sweeten them up (if there are any hard feelings).


Thanks where do I find it? I’m okay with them not loving me… just being back

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The pentacle? It’s listed in the Greater Keys of Soloman. It works well but it works best if you concecrate it. I would recommend getting yourself a copy of the Clavicula Solomanis and familiarizing yourself with the conceration/activation process. Good luck!


Sounds complicated and perhaps a little above my knowledge but il have a dig around and look into it thank you

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Lol. You’re welcome. Well the most simple spell I ever did was my first spell and it was successful.

Take two candles (one to represent each of you)
Optional (attraction oil)
Optional (a pic of the two of you together)

If you have any oils anoint the candles now.
Facing the direction north, light the candle that represents them. Then take their candle and use the flame to light your candle. Then move the candles together so that they are touching.

Keep the picture of the two of you together underneath the joined candles.

A person I hadn’t heard from in over three months called me the very next day after I completed this spell.


Worth a try… thanks. I know I might need to detatch from the outcome a little bit more to have success so might work on letting go and then power up. Can’t hurt to try in the meantime tho thanks

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is there a thread or website that explain how to use it? or is it in the lesser key of solomon cause i have the book.


Well The Clavicula Solomanis consists of two Grimoirs: The Greater Keys and The Lesser Keys

The Greater Keys contain the Seals of Soloman which are angelic pentacles associated with astrological planetary forces. They are concecrated and then activated by performing a ritualistic ceremony and summoning angelic forces. They are a bit complicated to construct as they need to made on specific days, hours, moon phases and with the proper corresponding metals. Also there is a lot of Psalm reciting as well ( 22 minutes worth to be precise). You also have to do a lot of cleansings and preparatory work beforehand.

The Lesser Keys is a demonic grimoir which contains goetic sigils and descriptions of the demons listed therein. There are various versions of it and some do not list all of the 72 demons. I personally prefer the Lemmageton (as Prince Seere is #70 and I’m not about no grimoirs that don’t include him :triumph::laughing:).

I am not as familiar with the Goetica as I am with Angelic work. I joined this forum to expound my knowledge. I’ve mastered the light, now it’s time to master the dark.

The site below is excellent for explaining all the nitty gritty details about how to make the Seals of Soloman.

Good luck! :hugs:


thank you… i hope you have a wonderful day

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Awww. You’re so welcome. And you too! :blush: