Contact. Finally

As I lay to rest a night not but a few ago, I begin to hear an almost insect screeching sound that was strangely familiar and also completely inside my mind. As I lay in contemplation realization hit me that I wasn’t alone. I felt presence, and I knew I was being reached out to. Wait what? As far as I had ever known that’s not how this thing happens. I have to reach out myself. And maybe I had, previously, and was just now able to sense the presence that had been trying to answer me since. I still don’t know. What i do know is once i made the realization and could shut out my own thoughts, I could have a conversation here. I spoke in my head asking who or what. The reply i got was “don’t worry about who I am, for you are just truly awakening. You will know when you are ready” inside my head, a voice not my own but belonging to my thoughts, or atleast that’s the feeling of how communion went. As the rest of our conversation isn’t of importance I’ll leave it out to shorten this. A deep almost flat tone, resonating inside my head like my own thoughts but a different voice. I asked him to help open my astral sight so I may see him fully and walk on his plane. His response, “I wasn’t ready” What kind of entity does these things without being called into manifestation by sigil or even name? Should I even seek him back out or will he come to me? Do I have thanks to give to some random street-walking entity for opening my astral hearing? What is the meaning of this? Am I just being fucked with? As I look for answers, I know I’m being watched over. I need to tap this power and I don’t quite know how and it is frustrating. Any advise? Any idea who may have been responsible for this communion? Thanks.

Based on that, since you didn’t get a name or sigil (and I’m assuming you can’t read energy signatures to identify entities yet), it’s hard to say who it was. I had a similar experience with King Bael when I first started out evocation (posted here: He quite happily reached out to talk to me and took advantage of my natural tgs when I was partly asleep. I will offer this advice though, if an entity cared enough to reach out without you contacting it first, it’s a great honor, and I would see what it wants out of courtesy (it’s like someone taking time out to visit you, only for you to blow them off). Hopefully someone can offer more insight though.

The spirits and Gods arent just “things” you summon from a grimoire. They are all very real Beings.

This is a test - if you accept that, you’re giving outside agency to any random passing spirit to tell you when, where and how you may proceed.

You’re making them your Master, and obeying them like a well-trained dog.

IMO the best way forward is to evoke forth a spirit you feel drawn to, ask them how you can BECOME ready, and NOT accept any kind of blind offers along the lines of, “Let me take your life over and fix you up” because honestly, they can be a bit heavy-handed - stay in the driver’s seat but also accept that you’re a student in all interactions, so don’t be either cocky, or submissive.

I haven’t even heard of reading energy signatures. The closest I can get to that, from what I imagine it to be, is seeing human auras, and even that takes concentration. No, I couldn’t even see this entity, just hear… him, and only in my mind. I’ve been looking to converse with this entity since, but i don’t know how to reach out. Looking for more information here was, to me, my first step in reaching out to him myself.
Biosynth, that’s the point of this. Because i realize that, but from everything I’ve read and done, in my experience, demons don’t just reach out to you. It’s something they have to dub very important, or they’re just a wandering spirit looking for someone to talk to or fuck with and i just happened to be in the right brain state. I guess I’ll find out soon enough when i attempt an evocation to figure out who I’m even talking to.
Lady Eva that’s not something I’m willing to accept. Matter of fact, the following day I tried pushing myself into astrality, just to open my astral vision so next time I’d actually be able to see who is in front of me. I don’t want anyone to be my “master” I’ll accept guidance I realize that’s what i need, but I’m the master of my own everything. Maybe not in conscious awareness yet, but in due time certainly. So a “master” is something I can do without, I’m not very obedient anyway. Either way, so it seems my next task is finding someone to call forth. It doesn’t seem to me like there’s really a good way to go about this. Just any ole’ spirit i feel drawn to while reading up on em huh? Wish i could pick, and i hate to put it that way, so lightly like its an everyday act to just conjure up one of the oldest entities in existance, but wish i could “pick” one based on a connection we already have. Like, something that could be purely coincidental but feels like its just my reality. Too bad all our realities are so different…

One thing I’d like to add. Biosynth, it’s in no way shape or form my intention to come off as belittling these entities as though they are just some tangible object. I understand the depth and severity of this reality. I apologize if i came off as rude or demeaning.

Going by this excellent response, I’d say Belial is the one for you, he LOVES this kind of attitude! He’s a seriously No Masters, anti-authority kind of being, and respects people who feel along the same lines.

There are lots of posts on this forum about him, if you run a Search. :slight_smile:

Not really worried. Was just a word of caution because if you cross certain spirits some way its just better not to irritate them.

I’ve heard of belial, kinda famous among the things I have read. Thanks for the input! Definately caught my interest anyway. There’s a few I have been contemplating on after a little research. Andromalius, and Bune caught my eye especially. I have a little more to look into but I’m not giving up. I feel so lost without my astral sight though. I mean, just relying on auditory input that isn’t quite registering as “sound” as of yet, more of my own “thinking voice” is kind of challenging to grasp. I catch myself wondering if that was my own drifting mind, or what I’m trying to achieve appearing before my… well ears. 90% of the time its probably the latter rather than the former. I’ll post more updates as I make more progress. Thanks for the general friendliness vibe i get from everyone I’ve seen around so far. that goes for anyone that reads this, not just the immediate conversationalists (:

Yea don’t take no random spirit off the street that wants to make u its bitch lol