Consuming the offerings?

I would like to know if any of you know what to do and what it implies to consume the offers made to the spirits or if, as I do, they are simply thrown away or left in the wild without eating them … do you have any ideas or texts? thank you

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I used to eat the offerings but now I make other offerings such as poetry or including the Spirits in my songs. This is because I figured it can be rude and even unhealthy to eat the offerings.

Leaving it in your yard or the wild however is a good idea.


I usually share meals with my ancestors as offering
And feel amazing amount of energy after consuming it.

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You should consume the food and drink given to the spirits only if the offer was of the experience of eating and drinking rather than of the substance itself. The spirits may even request this of you.

Otherwise, the offerings are left upon the altar for 24-48 hours and then disposed of via burying or pouring out upon the Earth.

However, in some traditions, as @Hadella mentioned, food and drink are purposely shared with the spirits. It all depends on what system and spirits one is working with.

A good little chapbook on offerings is S. Connolly’s Demonic Offerings (though written for demonalators, the general information about the why’s of offerings I feel is universal)


It depends on the spirit. I’ve offered rum to Lucifer before, and just left it on his altar for 24 hours and then poured it out into the earth, facing east. I’ve also done shots while invoking Asmodeus as part of a ritual he requested to connect my aggression and energy to him for a curse. Getting angry-drunk with a demon is a wild time. Point is, just ask the spirit what they prefer for the offering.


I make two separate drinks/dishes and share with them. I leave their portion out a few days. Then discard.
I never eat or drink their portion ever. I ask them to simply taste through me.


Magician: Hello spirit! I brought some food for you!
Spirit: Oh that’s so thoughtful, thank y…
The spirit, clearly confused, stares as the magician devours the food.


Ritual Offerings edited by Aaron Leitch is also a wonderful resource for all things offering-related, although it is written mainly from the Solomonic perspective.


My instructions with food offerings have always been to consume them.

Also, I live in in an apartment complex surrounded by forests that are mostly public trails in a state where it rains 80% of the year, so burning and burying offerings can be an issue.

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I tell the Spirit to enjoy the offering and then leave it on the Altar for as long as I can,usually overnight. I then pour the Alcoholic offerings into the earth in my Garden or let the Roses lie in my Garden until rotted.

The Food has to go, as I have Dogs who would steal the offerings without a care in the World.


I thank everyone for the answers and for the titles of the books that I will try to get myself soon. thank you

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Have you considered burning the offerings (The ones low in moisture content), grinding the ashes, then burying the offering (Everything appropriate). May be a problem if you have dogs. Worked well for me.