Constructing an Astral Temple

I’m putting out the call for all you Dragons to work with me in ritual preparations, synchronized meditations, and follow-up discussions to find a place where-whence we may build a temple for group work, solely for the function of training our extra-sensory perception as it pertains to working with people at a distance. This will be our intention as we approach and seek out this place. We will let it come to us and share our various inklings of ideas and images of what it looks and feels like. When we feel comfortably agreeable on these parameters, and the geometry is made sound, we will hold a Set In Stone meditation to charge it with thee utmost potency in power. Once the temple is constructed we will discuss how often we will gather there. Gatherings will hold various functions as a council of empowerment, we will use it to influence world events as well as happenings localized to individual members. Its important for us to all have equal input. The main focus will be to hone our discernment when traversing the collective unconscious/noosphere.

Active Kundalini
Trained/Honed Psychic Sensorium

Anyone interested?

If I didn’t already have a massive tower of an astral temple, I’d totally be on this. But alas, my tower is huge as it is, and while parts of it don’t see much use, it’s got some pretty cool stuff going on.