Constantly dreaming of a person

I was told if you think/ dream of a person that they are also thinking or dreaming of you as well… not sure how accurate that information is but it’s been happening to me for years but has been happening non stop lately.
I wake up and I miss and reminisce the person I dream of.
How do you all feel about dreams?
Do you think there messages from the universe, or that our souls subconsciously link up ?
About 95% of dreams are forgotten when we wake up, if someone had a dream of me perhaps I was dreaming of the same scenario but forgot about it, but this is just me theorizing. Thanks BALG fam :call_me_hand:t3:


Me and a friend dreamed of eachother last nite actually. There dream was different tho, I wouldn’t say its a concrete yes that their dreaming of you too imo. As far as collective conscious, I kinda lean more towards messages from said deity or whatever. When I started writing down my dreams I noticed they correlated symbolicly to questions/ issues I’m dealing with symbolicly.


IMO sometimes it’s possible to connect to others via dreams if your experienced at Lucid dreaming and magic but these dreams will still be influenced by your subconscious…

However Dreams are incredibly individual to the dreamer…They are normally symbolic and monitoring them can help you consciously work out certain issues that needs your attention.

My advice write down what you remember and then translate and unpick it…


Yeah I’ve definitely have had similar experiences myself. That’s so interesting with your friend, I once had a dream of this girl I use to go to school with, I dreamt I was trying to pull a prank on her and pretended I got shot. In my dream she starts freaking out and screaming and calls 911 before I can tell her it was a joke. So I freak out and run away cause I wasn’t trying to deal w police lmao. Next day I told her that, and she told me she had a dream the police came to her house and she was freaking out. But she didn’t remember if I was in it or not, still some weird coincidence.
I have felt like maybe my subconscious is experimenting with me by presenting symbolic situations that I need to work on in my day to day life.


I’m going to try that, I hope it helps

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Interesting topic thanks for presenting it. There have been cases of shared dreaming but they are rare. Usually two people will share elements of the dream (the way you both dreamed about cops) but it’s incredibly rare for two people to have the exact same dream but is more likely to happen among twins.

There are people who say they are able to do it with practice using astral projection techniques.

Me and my best friend both dreamed about a library I visit often in my astral journeys. I didn’t tell her about them and she still said she saw me in the library which is where I most often am. Although I had no recollection of encountering her I don’t doubt it could have happened.

I personally think it would be better to go over the mundane first and foremost, constantly dreaming about someone isnt uncommon in the human mind.

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