Constantly Blocked

Does Any of you Black Magicians out there feel “blocked” on a daily basis in some way, shape, or form by a outside force?

If So, how?
This is More Like a Poll kind of thing


No. I find it most blockages on myself or another is self imposed.


I always have at least one interruption when communing with Duke Dantalion - He now has come to expect it.

My husband is somewhat needy and finds reasons to be around whilst I meditate or attempt to do any ritual work, suddenly having to advise me of a cat video or some horrific car incident that has nothing whatsoever to do with me to knock me out of state.

I can only do a certain type of energy raising alone so ahem he can’t witness me reciting an enn at the top of my lungs or my Beloved’s full name at orgasm - the neighbour’s probably know though - their water glasses pressed between ear and house wall!

I’ve been attempting to work via planetary hours and that has gone awry as the candles take longer to burn.

Yep and then there are deliveries to interrupt a rather rose red faced and somewhat dishevelled Horse pulling up her jeans…

  • I am blocked constantly by LIFE, the UNIVERSE, and EVERYTHING…
  • I am happily unblocked - blows raspberry and runs off to do ritual

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@Micah Admittedly this seems more like some kind of constipation related poll or something that requires a plumbing service such as Dynorod but we shall see! Never done a poll before so it’s practice - found it under the little cogwheel next to the emoji icon on the edit bar - If you want me to get rid of it so you can edit your post I will do so :smile:


One of two things usually, i need a break from magic so i stop for a bit, or it’s a spirit block and i have to put something into practice in order for the block to disappear.


@HermesHorse i was looking for that! Thanks :joy:
Dont remove it lol

@Micah I have felt blocked at times too. Or felt pressure against my very being. I don’t believe this has damaged or halted any workings at this point and my connections to the current feel strong. I do, however, feel like there is an adversary working against the LHP current. I don’t mean passively either, it seems like an active working.


There is @Kylkyl. Thats partially why i made this post. Its a particular being that likes to be hidden. I see it, but cant make its features out


I feel the same. I can’t put my finger on exactly what I see or feel


I’ve been using angels, demons and elementals in my workings, but usually ask or give a heads up to the requestor.

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No-one’s voting so you might be better doing it as a fresh thread tbh. I think I’ve wrecked it with my size 37 hooves… Nothing new there.

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