Constant third eye pressure

For a while now, around 6 months, I’ve been having this constant pressure in my third eye. A really strong pressure that sometimes is really annoying. Its like someone is pushing into my forehead with all their strength. It never leads to headaches or any pain. I’ve tired grounding or just releasing energy from it which helps for a short while and then its back. The amount of pressure isn’t always the same. Is it just a buildup of excess energy or is it just opening further? And what can i do to ease the pressure?


You don’t want to ease the pressure.

What you need to do is to accept the pressure and let the energies flow through you.


I’ve been dealing with it just about daily. It sometimes last up to hours and every now and then it will last for the whole day. Have an idea of what’s going on?


This to me is usually a good sign that the exercises I’m doing are working. Are you doing some kind of regular practice like scrying or visualizing? It’s kind of like getting in a good physical workout and having slightly sore muscles.


I’ve experimented with listening to this (see iOS app below) for 5 mins one day, 10 on the 2nd and 20 on the 3rd day. I usually get weird sensations in my body and yes I do feel that pressure behind the third eye. The weird thing is that I don’t usually feel it while listening but at random times during the day. I don’t meditate while listening, I just pop in some ear buds and listen while laying down. I feel if you want to open your 3rd eye, this is definitely! help. Next I’ll try experimenting with longer sessions during meditations with the associated mudras.


I’ve experienced the same time. A lot of times before I’m going to sleep or while meditating I get the third eye pressure. What I’ve found to help is to focus on energy work on the other parts and energy centers of your body. Imagine the excess energy trailing down your face, into your neck, down your arms and legs, etc. Sit down, meditate, and try to raise the rest of your body to the same frequency. For me it’s been more useful to allow the energy to flow and pass through the body (bonus if done during rituals) rather than purposely releasing it or making it go away.

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dont fight it,just let it do its thing,let that flow

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Ll ask just to get a better insight into the reason ,after opening the third eye ,did you raise your the two serpents "to the speed of light " ?
If not is your aura matched to exact level of power of the third eye .
Maybe you’re experiencing aura fluxes , if so check out the ritual you skipped .I had the fluxes and upon further enquiry got to the root of it .

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It sounds to me like you’re 3rd eye is being expanded upon and that you’re moving forward with your ascension process. I remember that for my year as a Iyawo (when I was initiated-crowned in Ocha) that I had headaches most every day. So it’s my understanding that when one is ‘downloading’ information and in the process of becoming avatar of a deity, that these things happen. However, not everyone who goes through that process is capable of being an avatar of their deity, whatever their name might be called.
Since June, I’ve been working intensely with King Paimon and I’ve noticed that the headaches have returned often as well as feeling the pressure you describe on your third eye. After doing meditations with King Paimon, I’ve come out of it with a triangular mark right on the third eye area and it’s red almost like a burn although there’s no pain with it.
Just embrace that you’re evolving.


So it started up again and i focused on it and let it flow like mentioned and the pressure increased drastically to point where i could feel tremendous pressure across my whole forehead and down to my jaw

I had this problem once, after I put heaps of belladonna ointment on my forehead for a full moon ritual, and I get it to a lesser degree everytime aswell. It feels like I’m a bird of prey, and I have that way of thinking and seeing everything when its happening. I found crying helps. But it basically just wears off for me. I personally never tried to let it flow through me. I dont feel like the rest of my chakras are as developed. I’m going to start doing yoga more intensely for this. For me it coincides with agoraphobia. So overcoming that also seems to soften the sensation in my head.

So the pressure is still there and its getting worse. Painful at times. I’m thinking maybe its just blocked pretty bad. I’ve been searching around the web and some books for a way to clear a blocked chakra but I’m not finding anything. Can anyone spare some more advice?

So I’ve been meditating on it but the pressure refuses to cease. Its like its getting worse at times. Can anyone check it out cause this is driving me insane

Some time passed by how is it now?

Might just be a headache , have you been practicing exercises with your spiritual sight