Constant panhandlers post working after asking for something regaurding money

I have a weird problem going on post working. I have had constant panhandlers and beggars stop and ask me for money and help. It’s happened like idk several times since I did my working.

I asked Belial for something helping me get a lot of money back in a not so honest way and after reaping the benefits now I’m starting to piece everything together.

They say you can’t have anything espically a large sum of money from absolutely nothing in magick.

Oh and just today I had to go back the house to get my badges for work and some woman had a crazy story and needed a ride down the street when I pulled up in front of my house

Heat element went out in the dryer so I’m at the laundry mat and just a few minutes ago when I went to go get quarters I got panhandled again with another crazy story.

It’s happening in places like Walmart mid shopping out of the blue.

But that’s twice just today

I don’t get it.

Anyone have similar expiercences with money magick ?

Are these the people’s lives I’ve destroyed ? Don’t really care but sorry to hear bro

No but likely the money magick has left traces of energy on your corresponding to money and wealth that these people subconsciously sense so they go after you rather than others. These traces of energy if too high can also burn out electronics and other such components so that could explain the dryer. This can happen with any magick or too much energy being gathered if not grounded out or shielded from influencing technology.
Some shielding to hide these traces and keep them from affecting your stuff should solve the problems or grounding it out if you got the money you need.

Hmmm I thought maybe they where somehow attracted to me by the energy but the way you put it really makes sense.

That has to be it. So somehow subconsciously they are drawn to my energy because I’m prospering ? Lol I don’t really look like it.

Drive an old truck and come home dirty and stink everyday and have roommates…

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The energy of the magick you used left a lingering trace though. Just as you can fill your aura with say enough light and golden energy and some people will fall into complete fascination with you. My friend who does this has even had people come up and tell him he is an angel and mean it quite literally. He is anything but an angel and looks nothing like one but the concentration of energy he gathers has that effect on people.

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