Considering an elaborate evocation to Paralda

So i decided with the results i have had thus far with Paralda, that mostly being the sigils use at bedtim to induce vivid and lucid dreams, i have decided to prepare a more elaborate evocation. I have been going though Liber 777, Crowley’s book of correspondences.

For those of you that dont know. This is a book that Crowley put together, which he reportedly was given mentally by a being not-of-this-world. It is largely a series of tables that show the relationship between certain spiritual forces, numbers, elements, animals, herbs etc.

777 has helped me narrow down a few things, as well as consider a few changes to normal ritual evocation. I decided to share them with you all and get your thoughts.

One of the first things, was choice of incense. 777 has shown that Paralda is associated with cedar and peppermint. Both or which are very fragrant. So i am going to make homemade peppermint oil to use as incense.

Column XLI - Magic Weapons lists the Dagger and the Fan as associated with Paralda. In my weapons training i have worked with bamboo fans and i have one that would perfectly as an Athame. Though if i can find some bamboo i might make a nicer one.

So thats where i am at the moment. I have not yet decided if any other changes to the ritual are warranted. I might use specific colors in the circle as the king of air is associated with sky tones.

Thoughts, questions and comments welcome.

peppermint incense, that’ll be strong

reminds me of riff raff’s song “peppermint tint”