Consequences of the black flame strengthening

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I am curious about what are the consequences of meditating on your inner black fame to make it stronger. What are the impacts you starting seeing on your day to day life? How does it feel and what are the benefits, besides personal power growth?

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Can anybody help me on this one?..

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It allows your existance as a dark divine god independedly from the general creation of different colored light.You become the strange blib(bc you are all colors and lights as one) wich can and does manifest horrors and wonders for oneself and others.


Damn, now that’s an old post lol. Thank you for your answer!

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It makes it much easier to contact demons and other spirits as well

From my own research, the black flame is the spiritual essence and function of the neuromelanin, it is the black substance that is chaos, it is the substance that forms the physical and spirit world, the strengthening the black flame will only enhance the programming you have inside, it will define you like blade until you realize there is no external world or internal world, and that the mind that is sharpened by the black chaos is what forms reality, that is the Christos, that is why Lucifer is the prince of darkness and has power over the demons and chaos, hence the concept of order out of chaos, the black flame is the fire that crystallizes you, it is primordial chaos that catalyzes self actualization, self mastery and godhood, it is the fire of the soul above Baphomets head, the source energy that is beyond duality


Sorry, I’ve only read it right now. This is very enlightening, thank you!

Whenever I work on raising the black flame energy. I do need to release it, either through magickal works, having it aid physical activity or just release it in the ground or a crystal.
If not and I just walk around like that, I get weird emotional imbalances combined with weird outbursts or just the feeling that something stagnates and negatively affects my system.
Does anybody else have that?

Absolutely. Read my latest journal entry. I invoked Lucifer and raised black flame energy before going on an otherworldly journey.

My physical body gets the shakes, and I have to take deep breaths, I run the flame up and down my whole chakra system to turn everything into blazing black wheels of fire, and then let the color fade back in.

I don’t get rage, but what feels like the energy of rage, like it could become rage. But it’s that flaming feeling of about to tear some shit apart.

Dude, picture it as inhaling smoke that surrounds you from a smoldering pentagram on the floor beneath you.

Legit. Lucifer showed me that and it is basically instantaneous difference.


Just like anything get to know the integrity or substance of the thing you analyse before asking what happens if it’s intensified, solidified or enhanced within.

I did a in-depth explanation of the black flame myself and its energetic integrity, the video is below.

Once you understand it’s nature, it’s very evident what happens if it’s enhanced within the self.


Yes exactly! When I don’t use that it feels really emtionaly imbalanced. Especialy since I really don’t get angry very easily.

Tried it this morning, that works beautifuly when weaved into my regular black flame meditation. Thanks for sharing!

Haven’t gotten around to your latest journal post, but I gotta say that I do enjoy your adventures with the good folk a lot. I’ve had some encounters, not nobility but mainly the wild ones. They haven’t all been friendly ^^.

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Thank you, I already know what the black flame is, but I’ll check your video.

I’d recommend his “Activate Your Black Flame Now” guided meditation as well.


Black flame means the kundalini fire in your spine?

No. Not necessarily. It’s also interpreted as the energies of the heart of Lucifer.

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I just finished watching part 1 and 2. They are excellent. What’s funny is the strange coincidence of the video before it.

TLDR: the visualization exercise of the black flame within the solar plexus mimics a scientific method of producing black flame through the burning of salt.

At work today, I was listening to some of VK Jehannum’s stuff when l saw in the suggested videos a channel named “The Infernal Obelisk”. Instant memory flashback to you asking if other magicians on the BALG forum would invest their energy into it without really providing any more details than the name, which was cause for some drama going down on the thread.

After work, I entered “what is the black flame” into my search engine knowing the topic has been mentioned by you and other left-hand magicians. I felt compelled to look it up today despite hearing about it for well over two years. The search engine brought up scientific-based results, including a simplified summary of the chemistry occurring when one intentionally creates a black flame. Sodium chloride produces yellow light. It is dissolved into alcohol, which gives off blue light. So how is black made from substances that produce blue or yellow flames? By turning on a low-pressure sodium lamp, which turns everything in the room with it to appear monochromatic yellow. By having the sodium chloride’s yellow flame color blend into the background as it absorbs yellow light, it allows the observer to not only see a black flame, but see the flame’s shadow as well.

Aforementioned video. If you’d like to skip straight to the black flame part, it’s at 4:10.


Very interesting ty for sharing
Blessed be brother!