Consequences of Anger

So, about the time I hit adolescence… a lot of things happened in my life that I was really angry about. I was angry all the time and very ill tempered. However every time I would get angry at someone, something bad would happen to them. Most of the time the person that my anger was directed at would end up being really sick and in bed for days, or they’d trip and fall in seconds out of nowhere. It got to the point where I began to be a little concerned. It wasn’t my intention to hurt anyone or make them sick for days. On some occasions when my mom and I would have fights (which was often then) that were really bad, the following morning she’d wake up either terrified or just so completely dumbstruck and apologizing to me, saying that a demon came to her room and physically beat her. She’d be shaken for days after that. I was around 12 the first time that started happening, so now I’ve gotten very good at not getting angry. My question is though… why?


Some demons are overprotective of children, maybe you had one as a guardian when you were in your pre teens. Usually is triggered by traumatic event that may have occured through the fault of someone else that left you angry because you trusted this certain individual, so the demon or guardian stepped in to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


That’s really interesting. Would they still be protective of me now? I didn’t get my anger under control until around the time I turned 17.


First off, that’s being a teenager. You’re angry and it’s connected to all the hormones. Combined with your abilities it’s a dangerous combination. I experienced it myself although not with any abilities. I just put the brakes on myself to such an extent I couldn’t hit back to defend myself after something happened. So I ended up getting hit and bullied because I wouldn’t. The only thing that breaks it is when I get protective of someone then all bets are off.


Right exactly I was there as well.

Most likey you anger has become unconscious because you have put in the shadow self, due to trying to control it and most likey the demon has also gone dormant with it. Maybe once you start your shadow work and start to work with that anger from a different perspective it will show itself and be the guide when it comes to that issue.


Evoke your anger and ask it if it did it itself or if someone else did it for you, if anything would know it would be your anger itself.

You can speak to anger as if it’s a person? Woah why? How does that work?

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Shadow work look it up in the search options there are a few threads on it. if you can’t find anything send me a pm and i will hook you up with a ritual guide to get you started.


Thank you so much :blush:

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Think Hindu or Buddhist concepts of emanations upon emanations, and above those emanations one thing that everything is an emanation of.

A being is made up of many different parts and those parts can sometimes be split off and talked too one by one, and those parts can have their parts, and those parts their parts etc.

If you could send that to me it would be super helpful :call_me_hand:

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Will do when im back from work. :slight_smile:

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Appreciate it :wink:

Sure, especially if you appreciate and respect their efforts. Under control at 17? You are doing quite well; I’m 36 and still have not become the consummate master of my own aggression, lol. Always a work in progress, right?

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Alwayyys a work in progress. I did try really hard because I never wanted to hurt anybody. To be honest I’ve learned how to control emotions like a vehicle.


It could just be coincidence - bad things happen to people all the time. If you were more senstitized to your anger then, you may have made these connections as a result. Anger is generally a very positive emotion.