Consecration Of The Powers Of Darkness

Consecration Of The Powers Of Darkness.

This topic is geared towards consecrating any tool, herb, gem, seal or object. Infusing and binding all the powers of darkness into the item to use as a extension of your black magick.

The Powers Of Darkness Consecration Oil.

This oil is used to anoint the objects/items to increase the potency of the transference of power and energy into that item/object.

Items Required.

  1. Dragons Blood Oil
  2. Bats Blood Oil
  3. Lavender Incense
  4. Sandalwood Incense
  5. Cut Up Mandrake
  6. All Spice Herbs
  7. Human Bone Powder
  8. Graveyard Dirt
  9. Lancet
  10. Menses or Semen (Optional)
  11. Glass Vile Dropper Container
  12. Black Candle

Begin by filling the vile container a third of the way full, next add thirteen drops of bats blood oil. Crush a mixture of lavender incense and add two pinches of it in the vile, then do exactly the same with Sandalwood too. Once added cut up a small amount of mandrake add a pinch of it to the vile container, then five pinches of all spice.

Add three small pinches of crushed up human bone powder, then add two pinches of graveyard dirt into the mix too. Now using a lancet add a few drops of your blood into the vile, if you’re able too add menses or semen, trust me this will intensify the concoction greatly.

Now seal up the bottle and shake it aggressively, mimicking the very force of chaos as you do so. Once all mixed together leave the oil to steep for about three days, once done light the black candle.
Sit in front of the black candle, focusing on your breath only meditating for about two or three minutes. Bringing yourself into a state of spiritual receptivity and calmness, now close your eyes and simply focus on your breath.

Visualise around you a darkness begin to close in on you as you inhale, as you exhale this darkness repels away from you. Keep repeating this feeling that the more you inhale the closer the darkness gets, the more you exhale it repels but the darkness is becoming more and more resistant, it’s dying to claw at you and force its way inside of you.
Keep doing this until the current of the darkness is as solid and as critical as possible and no longer just a imaginative construct.

Now inhale deeply pulling this darkness in through the nose, the mouth and even the pores of the skin. Hold the breath for eight seconds, feeling the darkness spin in the centre of your chest like a vortex, like a abysmal black hole. As you do this exhale deeply, instead of releasing the darkness through exhalation instead visualise this darkness flow down to the lowest part of your body.
Now keep repeating this until the darkness is filling you up, bit by bit, until it is critical and you can take no more.

Hold the black candle with both hands, now state.

“Creature Of Wax, Spirit Of This Candle, I Infuse You With Magick, I Imbue & Empower You With All The Powers Of Darkness. So As I Light You’re Wick The Dark Power Contained Within May Emanate As The Black Flame That Never Burns”.

Now inhale deeply and hold your breath, feel that all that darkness you invoked, condenses as a vortex of darkness in your chest. Now as you exhale visualise the darkness move down your arms and out of both hands. Visualise the darkness enter into the wax, see it penetrating the bacteria of the candle, the very molecules, particles, atoms and even being imbued with this power at the subatomic level if possible. Try and imbue the darkness into every fibre of the black candle, inhale deeply gathering the remaining darkness within you and exhale again, infusing the darkness into the candle until the candle is so full of darkness that it is building at the very top of the wick.

Gaze at the tip of the wick and visualise the powers of darkness, building and building at the very top of it. Feeling as if the very wick itself is about to explode from the amount of power it contains, now light the wick and as you do so, gaze into the flame.
Visualise the darkness spark like a purplish hue and then it moves into the candles flame, until it has become a black flame.

Place the candle down, gazing at the black flame before you, feeling the power of darkness, the blackened fire and brilliance emanating into all the light it casts into the area.

Now unscrew the oil and hold your mouth over it, inhale deeply and as you exhale visualise a whitish energy emanate out of your mouth into the oil. Passing on your magickal breath, your life force of the immortal soul within, like a creator god would breathe life and soul into their creation. You have breathed soul and life into this oil, now feel the dormant powers and energies of each ingredient awakens now and forms a spiritual coalescence within.

Now hold the oil with your right hand over the flame, not too low so it won’t burn, but not too high just find the right distance so you can feel the heat transfer to the oil and the vile. Close your eyes and feel that as the heat rises through the vile and heats up the oil, that it carries with it the powers of darkness and the energies of the black flame. Visualise the oil become like a lake of black magma and the glass vile becomes like a obsidian material.

As this happens open your eyes and state.

“Creature Of Darkness, Anointing Oil, Open Your Eyes So You May Look Upon Your Creator & Your Master. Open Your Ears So You May Hear The Words Of Your Creator & Your Master. For You Are The Waters Of Damnation, For You Are The Profane Yet Sacred Fluid Of The Nightside, For You Are The Very Vehicle And Emanation For All The Powers Of Darkness”.

Continue holding the vile over the black flame, inhaling deeply visualising the purplish hue sparks being pulled into the vile and oil, also visualising blackened fire emanate into the vile and oil itself. Now visualise the oil bubble like the heated boiling waters of the abyss, then move the vile away from the flame seal the vile and hold the vile in your right hand tightly. Now visualise the oil is the blackest, most abysmal black you’ve ever seen, blacker than oil itself.

You can take this a step further and bury the consecration oil in a serious site of spiritual power out in nature for no longer than nine day’s and nine nights. This is optional but it really does stabilise and charges the energetic transformation of the oil and its associated energies and elements.

Consecration Of The Powers Of Darkness.

Items Required.

  1. Incense - Dragons Blood/Copal/Frankincense
  2. Two Black Candles
  3. The Consecration Oil
  4. The Item You Want To Consecrate

Begin by facing the north and lighting any of your chosen incense, next place two black candles on either side of the object/item you are consecrating.
Light the candles take a few minutes entering meditation, visualising the darkness of the lower worlds penetrating through the veil. Entering into the temple/ritual area and visualise it as a ancient mist of darkness above you like a cloud of evil, a wicked chaotic thunderous black cloud.

Begin reciting.

Itz Rachu Mantantu Vespacha Kaltamu,
Itz Ranta Mant Kala, Mant Atzu Belt Tazu
Vaskalla Itz Rachu Kantantu Velchatza

As you recite this feel the powers of darkness contained within that cloud growing, increasing, gaining such a critical mass that it’s about to strike down with a lightning bolt of evil.
Now take the object anoint it with the consecration oil and hold your right hand over the object/item.
Close your eyes and inhale deeply visualising a actual red bolt of lighting, strike your crown.
As it strikes you visualise that the bolt carries within it these black electric particles, and it strikes right through you and out of your right hand in a flash.

Just like lightning that hits water, it causes a explosion, visualise this evil bolt of lightning has the same effect with the oil. Combining the external powers of chaos, darkness and evil with the already anointed internal powers of darkness with the oil.
Through this union of energies and powers, visualise that the whole object becomes completely black.

Now state.

“(Name Of The Object) I consecrate you by all the powers of darkness, I (your magickal/godname) enchant you by the snare of evil, I (your magickal/godname) consecrate you by the powers of darkness. I stir within you this ancient unstoppable power and force, igniting by blackened fire, grounded by the very lightning of evil sent down by the dark gods”.

Now breathe on the object visualising that life essence, being infused into the dark creature which was once an inanimate object. Giving the dark creature life and a darkened soul, now hold your right hand over it and state.

“I (your magickal/godname) cause you to live, I breathe life into you, I breathe soul into this dark creature. No longer are you just a lifeless object, you are now a extension of my power, a extension of the dark forces of magick, a emanation of the limitless darkness. For you are now a living breathing creature of my path, open your eyes so you may see your master and creator, open your ears so you may hear and listen to your master and creator. Open your mouth so you may speak and commune with your creator and your master”.

Now bring yours hands into a triangle mudra over the object and vibrate these mantras.


Once done hold the object in both hands, connect with it, feel its power within it, do not be surprised if it speaks to you, it is quite normal.
Some object may even ask for a offering, at which point you can hold the object over the incense to fumigate and/or anoint a drop of your own blood onto the now living creature.

I suggest when you are not using the item of newly found power, that you place it in something like a black velvet pouch. As this material is a powerful and potent protective material which preserves the energies of all items held within it.




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