Consecration of Black Magick of Ahriman

This has been coming up as friends have been receiving their copy of BMOA. They talk about how alive the work feels and ask if it has been consecrated. The fact is that the Circle of Counter Creation on page 121 (it is on 121 for a reason but I will not go there now) is an open door no matter where it is placed so the book itself is a door to the current and has powerful talismanic value.

To connect yourself to this current simply recite the consecration on page 95 with the intent of calling the Divs forth through the mandala on page 121. If you desire you can anoint each seal on the mandala with a drop of your blood and fumigate the text with red sandalwood and dragons blood. It will not be needed for consecration however instead of the book being merely an open door to guidance it will become a sort of “collective” fetish of the forces of counter creation.


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Kurtis i have notice strange things being happening since i being practicing from the book i think i have undid creation, for one the world has come over different, i am on the forum i usually see blue dots there is nothingness i am still in my home and the neighborhood sounds very quite like all life has gone out of this world, i think the book is powerful beyond reason.

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a drop of your blood is more powerful or more link with person ?

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Your blood will connect the power of the book to you and you alone. Adding blood of others? I would not do that.


So Look I need book’s in my bloody hands.
“The dark face of Ahriman” repeats every time I do my lips or wash my hands.
(So aaaah i Google misspell cause of auto correct sometimes usesful)
Now there’s books on him!!!
Wilth spells rituals… wall I find I do I look up “profile address and dial”
All this information at my fingertips that’s still a tingle out of grasping range. But I’m choosing not to be frustrated. Magic pays for school fees and bills and electronics… The Spirits have So far provided ways for me to learn even teach me themselves. I’m so empowered by joining and just doing and they’ve helped me access information what is supposed to be “difficult” for someone on this budget to access. And more of course…

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