Consecrating the Works of EA prior to Immersion

~ Consecration of the individual books written by EA, before immersing myself into their contents, has served me Extremely Well …and thought I would make this suggestion for other serious magicians to take advantage of, particularly now that the entire eBook catalog has been unveiled and made available.
It doesn’t matter if you have read any of his books already, and are about to climb back in for another Ascending analysis …or if you are picking it up to study for the very first time. This small, Powerful Initiation prior to commencement, will Super Charge what you reap, retain, and distill from each Opus.

Take the eBook of your choice, and print out the title page on page 1 of the downloaded eBook.  It should be primarily blank except for "IPSISSIMUS,  by EA Koetting" for example, centered in the middle of the paper.  

(This process can easily be applied to the hard bound books as well)
Now take a few minutes and absorb a preview of the Book’s Essence by reading the Book’s description by the publisher …then by acknowledging the subject and content of each chapter therein, listed within the Table of Contents. FEEL the Essence of the Book permeating your senses and Anticipation to incorporate its gnosis into your own arsenal of Understanding. …After you have achieved a hungry Intimacy for what the Book has to divulge, prepare yourself for a session in Sigil Magick.

Assuming you are familiar and proficient in the mechanics and application of Firing Sigils and Sigil Magick as a whole, this will be a piece of cake.
Dim the lights and settle into a comfortable position in an upright chair. Relax yourself, clear your mind …and prop up the title page in your lap, to be gazed upon and awakened as you would in the opening of any sigil. The encompassment of the Book’s title can most easily be compared to the attributes of a Magick Square. The Book Itself has a unique spiritual essence of its own, but also has divine branching links to the Entities listed within the Body of It’s contents, as well as those that were of a Heavy Direct influence into the channeled manifestation of the Work, through EA.
Gaze into the Title of the work as a whole, entering the Theta/Gamma Sync, and wait for the black words to begin to flash as you would in opening any sigil. Continue gazing and relaxing deeper with every breath, and proceed until the title is flashing vibrant, and has completely disappeared and reappeared into view, reborn in that surging spiritual luminance of an Awakened Gateway. As the energetic overlying template of each letter in the Book’s Title courses and churns with vibrant power, bring to your mind’s eye with a distinct clarity and real-time expirience, an unfolding scenario of not only reading his Work, but of the associated Spirits and the Book Itself, ministering to your intuitive comprehension from “In between the lines” of the gnostic passages. See your Higher senses being clearly spoken to by the Book’s Spirits… See yourself constantly having that " Ah-Ha!" moment. See yourself absorbing the Blood of the Book, with a clear comprehension and acute clarity of the sacred information that was intended to be conveyed. Clearly see yourself repeatedly plugging in that missing puzzle piece to the equation from the conversation with the Living Work. See the Intelectual Convergence sealing itself up within Every aspect of yourself, and see yourself closing the finished Tome …a Higher Caliber Magician, competent in the Invaluable Knowlege bestowed…
As this scenario in your Living Imagination begins to ebb, scroll the scenes together like a small reel of film, compress it into a Living Sphere as an embodiment of the aformentioned Desired outcome, and explode it out the birth canal of your Anjna Chakra (3rd Eye) …down an astral zip line into the Open, Breathing Gateway of the Book’s Entitled Essence. As you internally see it disappear into the open Heart of the sigilized Title, in a low frequency tone …briefly summarize your Desired outcome with the Work, executing it with the conviction that it is Already underway, and close with “It is Done!” forfeiting all your attachment to the desired outcome in that Final Exhalation.
Now take the Awake and Consecrated Title Page, turn it over out of view to avaid any further examination or analysis of it, and fold it up …to be kept somewhere in your close proximity, but out of Sight …and out of Mind, to secretly bring the Will of your Higher Education with the Opus, to a Manifestation.
…This approach has proven to be a Golden Investment for me, before undergoing the Gnostic Adventure into any Tome. And I hope will be the like for Many of You as well. :slight_smile:

  • I would also Highly Advise consecrating the Awakened Title in your own spilt Blood, to further solidify the link between You, and the Spirit of The Work.

Never would have thought of this, much less for my CW ebook collection as a whole. Great idea!..

I also never thought to do this. Thanks for the thorough information, GOZER!

Damn what a great idea!
I actually opened the talisman on the cover of the BoA last night,but didn’t use the visualizations you mentioned.
I also have my CoP hung on my temple wall that I open to try and turn it into a gateway.

Definitely gonna go back and do this to the physical works I have.
Any advice on opening the CoP?

When I open gateways I just try to imagine spirits coming through a portal.

State into the center of the Universal Circle, and relax. It will begin to rotate are which point you can visualize what you wish coming through or whatever.

I consecrated my ebooks with holy water and my computer started smoking no manifestation yet…I remain hopeful.

Indeed, the e-books where still on the computer. I exorcised and blessed the water and then cast it upon the CPU as I read the exorcisms aloud. I knew the magic was strong within the books when my CPU started making popping sounds and the magick smoke came out.



Yeah…that’s the Grimoire tradition method, spend an exhorbant amount of money to make something just as easily with a picture frame and spraypaint.

Stop giving away occult secrets…

The Complete Works of The Wandering Fool is like 3 pages long, it gives a lot of great instruction that always ends with “…but don’t be an asshole.” As a matter of fact that is like half of what the 3rd page says.


The other half of the third page usually ends with “…but maybe I’m just being an asshole.” I say that a lot too.

Volume II will be on the art of Not Being A Dick and the trilogy will end with Don’t Be a Bitch.

I think all occult literature should have those words “don’t be an asshole”!
Or maybe a curse so if you are an asshole while preforming the magick there in… a demon comes fourth and does something to your asshole. ROFL

Sage wisdom Bodomite…your a wise man.

I vote you change your username to Sodomite due to your anal fixation…it suits you.

That may be in order! ROFL

What a brilliant Idea