Consecrating my Athame need herbs that resonate with mars

Consecrating my Athame need herbs that resonate with mars
that you can get pretty much at the grocery store.

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Anything related to aggression will work, peppers,hot spices ect.

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For mars association i usually go with cinnamon, very easy to get a hold of that

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Herbs for Mars -

Nettles, Ginger, Nuts, Garlic, Dandelion, Cumin, Tobacco, Wormwood, Pepper.

Incense -

Dragons Blood, Pine, Ginger Etc.

Crystals -

Ruby, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Red Jasper.

Combing a gemstone and or crystal, with the incense of Mars placing the athame on top of the planetary square of mars, placing the square in the direction of mars, with a candle for Mars using its colour, then calling the powers of mars into the room.

Create a energy ball, then hover your hands over the planetary square and all the items for mars, feel the power of mars all around you, focus on the electromagnetic field, in the opening of your hands with your breath breathe in and feel the electromagnetic field, pull in the power of mars into your energy ball.

Visualise the colour energy of mars increasing within the energy ball then hold the push the energy ball over and in the athame, calling mars even more to increase the power in the athame.

Then visualise the planetary square has a miniature version of mars inside the square, point the blade in the centre of the square and say

Something like " I call forth the power, energy, spirit and consciousness of the planetary force mars, rise from the square, enter the steel blend and solidify I conjure forth the powers of mars the warrior come ".

Then with your breath, inhale and visualise, the energy of mars flow through your athame.

I would suggest then summoning mars physically, placing the athame on the square with all the items and mars candle lit, and ask mars to charge the athame for a long period of time.

Do it at the hour of mars on the day of mars, after charged breathe on the athame passing on your prana ( life force ) into the athame bringing it to life then say something like " you are the dagger of the warrior mars, you are a extension of the powers of me and mars in union come alive ".

Do this at the hour of mars and at the day of mars for the best results also aniont the athame with blood, Sexual juices, Saliva.

That will create a powerful alchemical and energetic effect on the blade.


:thinking: is it bad this sprung up ideas of a planetary and elemental armory?
:laughing: too many good ideas popping up. :laughing:


Strange you mention that I actually did a ritual to get bestowed a demonic infernal armour.

Lol just like that plans for sephirothic and qliphothic weapons,tools and armor are on the list :laughing:

Im gonna be crazy busy once i can set up a space for metal work. :sunglasses:
:thinking: no i am wondering how well a forge or crucibles dedicated to specific currents or forces would work out in ritual. :grin: that’ll be an interesting one.