Consecrated Rite to Met Kalfu

Hey Guys,
I just consecrated a rite i created to Kalfu for those who wanna work with him but dont have the money or space to set up a whole damn altar. And partially cause Kalfu wants other sorcerers to know about him and gain individual Gnosis thats stems away from the Traditional Norm.

He is A God of the Backdoors. I didnt Say Crossroads. He can open the Crossroads, but that is to let the Light of The Dayside out, and to let the Evil and Darkness in through Known perceivable means.

The Backdoors are the Unknown, impercievable Means.

This Rite serves to Empower a Person with Kalfus power and for them to get a introductiom to him and Channel Gnosis about him.

You will be calling on the Sphere of Ghagiel, which is the Qlippothic Sphere of Neptune. Why the Qlippoth with a Vodoun Entity? Loa are masks for Demons. Its the way the Demons chose to introduce themselves to the Haitian Creole people (and Eventually all People).

Before you start, here are a few things you should know:

● Nothing is required for this as far as materials go.

● This has been consecrated by Kalfu/Me.

● There are three channeled chants you will use.

● The First is: Claca Men torosay la ca sis Kalfu!
This chant Summons Kalfu and Helps the Black Magician gain Gnosis of him and Empowers the Sorcerer

● The second is: Abdussos vepa liftoach Qlippoth Va Ghagiel emissarios Diablos Va Ghagiel!
This chant summons Kalfus Legions which proceed and go before him to prepare the area for his arrival

● The third is: Memos Lantae isca nesposh la cu!
This chant Summons the Demonic Mermaids of Ghagiel/Neptune to raise the space up and protect it by swimming around it energetically and Astrally.

● As per the Gnosis that came to me, his colors are Red and Black. This is not his Hottest aspect. White is his hottest aspect. Why? When metal gets super hot, its Red hot. When it reaches its highest point of heat, its White hot.
Boom there ya go.

● You Will Vibrate his name like a mantra in red and black color.

● That is all you need to know. The rest you will find out during the Rite :smiling_imp:

The Rite of Kalfu

For Power and Shit

Colors: Red and Black (White Being the Hottest Aspect)

Liftoach Sharii Ha Ghagiel, B’Shem ha Kalfu!

(Dark Staota with a Channeled Enn from Kalfu or Demonic Enn or Mantra i create for him using his colors as The Vibrations of Light/Dark)

Channeled Enn:
Claca Men torosay la ca sis Kalfu!

I open the Crossroads so that the Light may Leave and I open the Back Doors so the Darkness May enter

I call forth The Devils, the underlings, the Evil Spirits, and the Darkness of This World to Arise from the Watery Abyss of Ghagiel and Manifest themselves!

Abdussos vepa liftoach Qlippoth Va Ghagiel emissarios Diablos Va Ghagiel! (11x)

Let the Mermaids of the Abyss arise from the Cities underneath Da’ath and Gagiel and Swim around my Circle, presencing Devilish Energy!

(Memos Lantae isca nesposh la cu) x11

I hear you.
I see you.
I feel you.

Let your power become my power, your strength my strength, your knowledge my knowledge.

Arise and increase the Power i already have and GIVE ME YOUR POWER.
You have no respect for false pride and Demand that the Evocator be straightforward and asks directly for what he/she wants.
Give me your power and increase that which i already have.

Crush all weakness in me known and Unknown and let my Internal Nexion be made Even Darker and Let no one and no thing be able to control or dominate me.

I sacrifice my Fear, ignorance, Unbelief, and Lack of Confidence in myself, for power and Backwards Ascent!

As I will it so it is done!
(Claca Men Torosay la ca sis Kalfu (11x))

You may now Depart!

I wanted to edit some of it but he wouldnt let me lol. Ill explain some confusing parts if need be.

He told me to tag yall in this


Loas aren’t masks for demons in my opinion. Interesting rite tho :+1:


LWA are not demons in any sense of the word. They are more powerful then demons IMO and ive worked with all 117 demons with the ars goetia and more


Legba even says he doesnt identify as a demon which he is the rada aspect of kalfu


Guys commenting, get over yourselves and read the quote.


How do you vibrate a mantra in color? Do you visualize the sound of the mantra vibrating from you in the image of a color?

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Thats exactly how @Epsilon_The_Imperial

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Try this: filll the area with energy that looks like red and black billowing clouds. Once done start vibrating his name


What’s a Staota? Do I say this just once before the enns?

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The word “Staota” as seen from the
above-quoted references signifies the fundamental law of unseen colours produced by the
vibrations of the Sound; and the entire universe has been manifested in accordance with the
Laws of these Vibration-colours (Staota Yasna) from the one Primitive Sound of Prime Motion -
Ahuna Var - in the Highest Heaven.

I only have to vibrate the name, right? Do I have to vibrate the Staota?

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Dude stop overthinking it

Vibrate his name only

A Staota is vibrating a Type of Mantra. Uses the Sonic Vibrations to create an atmosphere around you abd in the temple


Lwas are not demons, great rite though. If a whole fucking continent worships them (or used to) then they must be quiet high in the hierarchy. Lack of quality literature in this current is quite frustrating though. :confused:

Would you recommend this rite to beginners?


I ask because i have no experience with Qlippothic spheres or any of that stuff. So is this for begginners? @Micah @Bloodwarrior

They’re probably a special class of demons. The incentive is to work closely with the LWA and form personal bonds like Micah mentioned.
But I compleyely understand the frustration about the lack of literature. I don’t understand why the mysteries are so closely guarded.


They are not even close to demons

They wold be catorgerized in the KOF as spirits

Some depictions of them are saints

Their possession are nothing like demonic possession

They might be more powerful then demons just because of how much energy they receive from sacrifices dancing in honor of them

And I i think the right would be good for meeting the twin of papa legba


This right can be used for beginners @anon80443026

Also the qillpath I suggest you. Get confterable with demons first

What benefits does it have?
Looks like a good and enjoyable ritual to me

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Interesting while reading the chants a dark presence touched my back. Exactly how kalfu is said to manifest.

Papa Kalfu is the Patron of Black magicians. Awesome ritual

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