Conquering Aggression


Conquer Aggression

A sizable number of Jedi, in training, confused the meanings of attack, defense and aggression. Thus Younglings were taught that it was possible for a Jedi to strike without aggression, so long as they acted without recklessness, hatred or anger. A Jedi was permitted to kill in self-defense—only if there was no other option. However, Jedi instructors taught their students that killing, no matter what the circumstances, was not to become commonplace. To conquer aggression, even in combat, a Jedi must have explored every other option, including surrender, before resorting to using lethal force. Jedi who depended on murder were close to the Dark Side of the Force. Jedi were expected never to commit murder, for any reason.
However, if confronted with a life-or-death struggle, a Jedi was permitted to kill to complete their mission. This act was not encouraged, as ending life strengthened the dark side; however, if the act was justified—if it saved others’ lives, or if the Jedi was acting on the will of the Force—then the light side was equally strengthened. Jedi were also expected to think of those they had killed, and to think of the suffering caused by their deaths. A Jedi who did not care about his victims was on the path to the dark side.

-Jedi Code


I hide myself inside the shadows of shame
The silent symphonies were playing their game
My body echoed to the dreams of my soul
It started something that I could not control

Where can I run to now, the joke is on me
No sympathizing God, its insanity yeah

Why don’t you just get out of my life, yeah
Why don’t you just get out of my life, now
Why doesn’t everybody leave me alone, now
Why doesn’t everybody leave me alone, yeah

Obsessed with fantasy, possessed with my schemes
I mixed reality with pseudo god dreams
The ghost of violence was something I’d seen
I sold my soul to be the human obscene

How could this poison be the dream of my soul
How did my fantasies take complete control, yeah

Why don’t you just get out of my life, yeah?
Why don’t you just get out of my life now?
Why doesn’t everybody leave me alone now?
Why doesn’t everybody leave me alone, yeah?

Well I feel something’s taking me I don’t know where
It’s like a trip inside a separate mind
The ghost of tomorrow from my favorite dream
Is telling me to leave it all behind
Feel it slipping away, slipping in tomorrow
Got to get to happiness
Want no more of sorrow

Realized when to hide
How I tried to get away from you now
Now am I right if I fight
That I might just get away from you now
Sting me!

Well I feel something’s giving me the chance to return
It’s giving me the chance of saving my soul
Pictures of demigod are fading away
I’m going backwards but I’m in control
Feel it slipping away, slipping in tomorrow
Getting back to sanity, providence of sorrow

Was it wise to disguise
How I tried to get away from you now
Is there a way that I could pay
Or is it true I have to stay with you now

How I lied, went to hide
How I tried to get away from you now
Am I right in my fight?
That I might just get away from you now
Suck me!

I’m really digging schizophrenia, the best of the earth
I’ve chase my soul in the fires of hell
Peace of mind eluded me but now it’s all mine
I simply try but he wants me to fail
Feel it slipping away, slipping in tomorrow
Now I’ve found my happiness, providence of sorrow

No more lies, I got wise
I despise the way I worshipped you yeah
Now I’m free let me see
That now instead, I won’t be led by you now


In my experience of aggression it has been mixed.

I have actually been meditating on this before seeing this post.

The immediate thing I consider is the reactions of others and my own aggression toward others…

Only two or three times have I actively started a physical fight with a vicious finishing move only to find out later the person was high and impervious to pain…

The first time I managed to subdue the impervious through extreme pain as it bit through the drugs…

Aggressions power if channeled into discipline is a great thing…

I have never been sorry for assaulting anyone… Only at the moment of riding the wave of rage and not having control was the sorrow for me, and as a child fighting others made me sad because I was hurt to lash out in the first place. I am not out of control and weigh things up…

I am quite reticent with a lot of my thought processes, and what I have been examining still further, but an unjustified assault is a disgusting thing that requires a proper hiding, yet there are those who enjoy the pain, can only recognise it as normal…

Aggression comes down to outcome eventually as the modifier of behaviour and understanding the drivers or what is behind it within a persons psyche… Often a last resort mechanism may be in appropriately triggered by an extreme threat to some aspect of self, and the old learnt ways of doing things are not useful… This triggers a desire or passion as the soul crys out for new learning


I totally can relate to what you say, Vagelli. I have been doing a ton of self transformation lately. Hmm… I used to be a decepticon basically, lol… and use others on purpose, but I was hurt, very hurt and confused inside and it led me to actions I would not think of doing now. Curses upon others, etc. Now, there are certain cases which call for it. And sometimes, sometimes… under certain circumstances, even the most saintly can fly off the handle and lose control… it seems these baneful acts like EA has said often happen spontaneously, as if driven from some ‘other force’ instinctually… for these moments, I think fate comes into play… self control is highly important when practicing the magickal arts though… because you could mess with the wrong person if sending curses in vain. I truly believe it is only to be used under proper circumstance, otherwise YOU WILL PAY. haha. But yes, these sorts of urges stem from some sort of deep trauma and pain.




It has been said that even Buddah gets angry after the third time. But yes this is very good advice! I can’t stress enough how important it is to do due diligence before picking a magical fight. I sometimes see people talking about cursing someone to death like a neighbor who is too loud or someone who is wrong on the internet. I kind of feel like people who will pull a magic gun on someone with only the slightest provocation are asking for troublet. For all you know that loud neighbor or that jackass on the internet could be packing serious power. Some people have made the mistake in the past of sending attacks towards me without knowing what they were getting into. I mean I will sometimes troll forums, not this one as I have too much respect for this forum and EA and wouldnt do that here. But I do in other places sometimes.

And I’m not going to lie if someone tried to curse me to death because they felt I was wrong on the internet, and from what I hear someone did try to do this once, well theyed get whats coming to them. I have alot of “scary monsters” around me waiting to beat the shit out of anyone who tries to pull any sneak attacks without thinking things through. Try not to be on the wrong end of occult Darwinism, it’s usually best to think things through before acting in these situations.


Agression is Transmuted into other things - but it will be transmuted as all things are when they no longer serve - that is if a person is in the habit of living conciously - otherwise there will be a wake up call (no surprise they call it that)


You have aggression conquered when you can control it 100%, in any situation under any circumstance. That’s not to say it’s bad to be aggressive, but it’s bad to not have absolute control over all emotional states as well as personal attributes. I think that’s the point. If, at any point, the aggression causes you to make a decision or perform an act that you would otherwise have not done - then you do not have control over that part of you. When you have decided that it is a good idea to become aggressive, and you consciously invoke the aggression for a specific purpose - and the entire act with all its accompanying emotions and states are in perfect control and concert with your design - then you’ve got it. Transmutation is definitely key, or at least one of the major keys, in learning total self control.


I perform every conceivable act in dreams.

Now, if a person is unable to transmute such aggression then the shared dreams which are verifiable mean that what happens in the dream world does not stay in the dream world…

The shadow side is the unconscious side, and while I agree there is a cognitive aspect to the adoption of the aggressive strategy, there are those times, it is completely bestial and unconscious…

No one wants to be at the mercy of their unconscious unfulfillment… The very stuff of wear wolves reaching chaos, I can hear him howl…

Do you want to be faced with this kind of miscreant rage of another for no conceivable reason, other than an act that triggers wild rage?

Again last night I broke the neck of a man and pushed his vertebrate through his spinal chord as I choked the fucking life out of him…

and I still remember The look on his face as I crushed his throat… Fingers pushing through the spinal column…


Thing is, I enjoyed it as much as I hated it, and the hate just made it far more intense… The power overflowing… And I am learning more and more what is Freudian mind imagery and what is the stuff of a shared dream.

Violent Aggression is a lack of personal development and skill. Competitiveness is what the Greeks introduced to channel this aggression into a show of skill, without this alchemical element of using it to fuel skill and tempering it, what kind of meaningless waste would be the result. Why war and destroy the work of civilisations and not have a way to channel this - these days wars are for profit… Then it was for survival and resources, as they claimed…