Connecting with my ancestors

Ok, I am looking for a way to connect with ancestors that i have never met. Trying to create a relationship with ancestors further back than the ones whom have been alive while i have. If anybodys got any info i would greatly appreciate it!!!


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I do! I’ll send you some info here shortly when I get a moment to write it all out.

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Simply put though, it is the same way as connecting with the ones you knew. Most of my ancestors I never met while they were alive…but I still have a relationship with them .

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You’re my superhero for the day!!!

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I just started with necromancy, not necessarily ancestors, but still disincarnated spirits. I work with Duchess Bune of the Goetia. I asked for communication to be opened, and then waited for signs, symbols, and mental messages. It didn’t occur during ritual, but after, and continues for days. You can keep a permanent connection too, if you wish.
It’s all new to me, talking with formerly alive humans. Demons, and Angels, no problem, lol. The humans…it was freaky to me. Go figure.


Do you recommend any books for me to start with?

Specifically for necromancy, no, I haven’t looked into books on that subject alone.
My contact with Duchess Bune was in Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. Necromancy is listed as something Bune teaches. I went with that. It is a book about the Goetic spirits, no their individual areas of expertise and how to do ritual with them.
That book is my favourite. Easy to do rituals, and I have consistently gotten results. A must have, on my opinion.